NTL Facilities by German Government

Facilities by German Government for Foreign Investors! Have you thought about this?

The German government intends to encourage investors wishing to expand their horizons and achieve their ambitions to invest in one of the strongest global economies, by providing many good, promising, and easy investment opportunities and offering many facilities to attract investments and boost the growth of the German economy. After Germany was at the forefront of attracting foreign workers by...

Spain food - tourist NTL

A tour of Spain and Spanish cuisine

Charming Spain, with its pleasant climate, green picturesque nature, and its beaches which extend over the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, all these make Spain the most attractive and unique country. In the eyes of tourists, and for those who are looking for a distinctive country to obtain a residence in, because it offers one of the best investment residences for the year 2020. What about...

Spain the legacy and the modernity NTL EN

Spain.. between the legacy of the East and the modernity of the west

Do you have an interest in ancient civilizations, or the architecture that distinguishes them? Are you looking for a profitable place to invest in real estate? Do you like warm sunny weather for the most of the year? Are you looking forward to studying at a world-class university? Many questions, and Spain is the answer that wins because of its uniqueness, and its enjoyment of everything you...

Turkey & UK 2021 new agreement & new investments NTL

Turkey & UK 2021.. new agreement & new investments

Sharpening the mettle, the Turkish Investors have started preparing their agendas to enter the UK's investment market. This has come after the signing of the new free trade agreement between Turkey and the UK on December 29 last year, in the Turkish capital, Ankara. The agreement will enter into force at the beginning of 2021, in conjunction with the UK's exit from the European Union. Thus, the new...

Travel and tourism in Turkey

Are you really familiar with the weirdest sights in Turkey?

  If you are one of those who are attracted by the virgin nature or the ancient monuments and buildings that have not been set foot on human feet or consumed by a large number of visitors and tourists, then it is no wonder that you think of Turkey, which is one of the most famous places of tourism in the world. But it is preferable to stay away from the sandy beaches in Antalya or Fethiye, for...

Nurses to Germany NTL AR

Angels of Mercy, are invited to Germany

A golden opportunity for Angels of Mercy to develop themselves and to secure a better life for their families as well in one of the best European countries for living and work. If you are a recent graduate nurse or have experience in this field then the door is now open for you to enter the German hospitals and health centers. Germany is currently suffering from a shortage of skilled workers in some...

Chinese Green Card after March 2020 NTL international

Chinese Green Card after March 2020

By releasing a draft of a new set of regulations, China is opening a new channel to attract foreign investors. New rules would ease the old standards of 2004 regulations for obtaining the Chinese "Green Card", which is the world's hardest green cards to obtain, even for foreigners living there for several years. On March 27, 2020, China ended a consultation on new regulations that qualify foreigners to...

Skilled Workers are Invited to Germany NTL

Skilled Workers are Invited to Germany

On March 2, 2020, the German government has launched a new regulation of laws regarding qualified professionals wishing to move to Germany for work. In its endeavor to bridge the massive shortage of skilled workers, many of the restrictions that were imposed on those with vocational and non-academic training from non-EU countries were eased. It has never been easy for foreigners to come to Germany to...

Chinese Investor & Turkish citizenship NTL

Are you a Chinese Investor? Then you should really consider TCBI.

Months after economic & social turmoil in China, and the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, a growing number of Chinese investors, especially Hong Kong residents, are considering leaving. They are already planning a move to start a new life overseas. The United States of America, as well as the United Kingdom, are the most popular destinations for Chinese investors. This is due to political and economic...

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