Togg electric car
Togg electric car

Türkiye enters the global competition with the Togg electric car project.
Within a grand ceremony and with the participation of the Turkish President, Türkiye announced the opening of the Togg electric car factory. A special day was chosen for the opening of the car factory in Türkiye, which is the day of the celebration of its 99th anniversary. The celebration ceremony witnessed a wide turnout of the most important political figures and businessmen. In addition to many journalists and news channels.

Geographical location of Togg electric car factory:

The factory for the production of Togg electric car is located in the state of Bursa, specifically in the Gemlik region, which is the headquarters of many international car factories. The total factory area is about 2 million square meters and the covered area is about 230,000 square meters.

The performance of the car was tested by the Turkish President and his wife on a tour of the factory grounds, in the presence of large audiences of stakeholders, officials and company managers who contributed to this achievement. 

The Turkish president also expressed Türkiye’s intention to compete in global markets, saying, “The car is on the roads that will adorn many countries of the world in the next stage, as it is a prestigious Turkish brand.”

Why was the car named “Togg”?

The name Togg was adopted for the electric car in relation to the initials of “Türkiye’nin Otomobili Girişim Grubu” which stands for Türkiye’s Automobile Enterprise Group . These companies are: Anatolia Group, BMC, Turkcell Communications, Zorlu Holding, and Kok Group.

The beginning of the dream Many attempts were crowned with success:

This dream was not new to Türkiye’s old ambition to produce a car that bears the signature of the Turkish state in all its details.  This was not the first attempt the country witnessed in producing cars, but it is definitely the best and most successful attempt.

The story of this dream began in 1961, when the Ministry of Transport began producing a local car, with a special directive from the Turkish president at the time. The goal was also at that time to announce the car on the country’s Independence Day in 1961.

  • At that time, 4 cars bearing the name “Defrim” were produced, but it did not prove its success and effectiveness for more than 129 days.
  • Again, in 1966, the second attempt was made to produce a local car running in the Turkish streets, bearing the name “Anatolia”, but it was discontinued in 1984.
  • After many secondary attempts, in 2017 the General Assembly of the Federation of Stock Exchanges and Chambers of Commerce was held in the capital, and the president of the association, Refaat Oglu, was assigned by the Turkish President to supervise the manufacture of a completely local car within Turkish territory.

 Today, after about 4 years, this achievement was announced through the opening ceremony of a factory for the production of the Togg electric car.

Togg electric car in Turkish streets soon:

The Turkish president announced that the start of orders for the purchase of the car will begin next February.  It is expected to see the Togg electric car running on Turkish streets in the first quarter of 2023. As for the price of the car, it has not been announced yet, and it is expected that the price announcement will coincide with the start of receiving purchase orders. 

The manufacturer also announced that 6 different colors will be produced for the car, according to its reliance on certain national symbols, dubbed “Türkiye’s colors”.

President Erdogan also stated the expected number of Tog electric car production when the factory is running at full capacity to about 175 thousand cars per year.

On the other hand, the Togg factory will provide many job opportunities, and it is expected that about 4,300 direct jobs will be provided. In addition to securing indirect job opportunities for about 20,000 people in Türkiye.

Togg electric car features:

The idea of ​​​​producing the car began as a traditional car that runs on fuel, but it has been replaced by the idea of ​​producing an electric car. One of the features offered by the car manufacturer is that it can travel about 500 kilometers each time, to be recharged almost completely in a period not exceeding 30 minutes. Thanks to the fast charging feature, this car can be driven for long distances. The car also features self-control and a permanent internet connection system.

The car was also tested in various conditions and at very low temperatures, and all tests were passed, so that the Togg electric car entered the global competition market in the field of electric cars.

What is the price of the Turkish Togg electric car?

Recently, the price of the Togg electric car T10X was announced, which starts at $50,000, or 953 Turkish lira. It is worth noting that the request to reserve the electric car will be received from the 16th to the 27th of March.

In his speech announcing the prototype of the car, the Turkish president announced that Turkey was not only a consumer of modern technology, but also a developed country that exported technology to the world as well. This achievement is considered a point in favor of the Turkish government within the procedures it provides in order to attract investors and create investment opportunities through which the investor can obtain Turkish citizenship by investment.

Signing the lithium battery factory agreement:

Among the facilities and provision of supplies, the Turkish government will open a factory for lithium batteries with an area of ​​more than 600,000 square meters, as this factory is located next to the Togg electric car factory for the production of local Turkish cars. The opening of the battery factory is secured by signing an agreement with one of the most important international companies in the production of lithium-ion batteries for cars.