Residency By Investment

Residency in Germany can be obtained by establishing an investment

Investment Routes:

Establishing a company

Previously, investors had to set up a company with a minimum share capital of €250,000.
The government has abolished this condition, and now, there is no longer a minimum capital required, with the preference remaining that it should not be less than the previously mentioned value.

Required Documents

Valid passport.

Birth certificate for all applicants and marriage certificate.

Clear criminal record

Bank financial statement with proof of legal source of income.

Academic achievement certificate for all applicants

Beginner level in German

CV of the applicant

Benefits of this program:

  1. The possibility of adding the wife and children under the age of 18.
  2. No minimum capital is required.
  3. The processing takes 4 to 6 months

Advantages of Obtaining Residency by Investment in Germany

  1. Free access to EU Schengen countries.
  2. Good living and a first-class healthcare system.
  3. Excellent free educational.
  4. Safety, Germany is a peaceful and politically stable country.
  5. High-quality living standards.
  6. A beautiful country with rich culture, and heritage. Different terrain of rivers, lakes, mountains, farms, etc., 
  7. The lowest crime rate in Europe.
  8. After the business has been effectively productive for three years (With a positive impact on the German economy and fulfilling an economic or regional demand), applicants and dependents are eligible for an unlimited permanent residence permit if they are proficient in German in at least a B1 level.
  9. After 3 years of obtaining permanent residency, with continuity of the business, commitment to tax duty, and sufficient income to support the investor and his family, it is possible to apply for German citizenship, with some additional conditions for the German language and knowledge of German culture.

About Germany

Germany, or Deutschland as Germans call it, has a rich distinctive history and culture which gained due to the border countries that have greatly influenced its language, culture, and life.
Germany is one of the most influential countries economically, politically, and even commercially. Moreover, Germany ranks second internationally in the fields of medicine, Engineering, and technology. On the side of education and health care, German is characterized by linking technology to its educational and medical systems; which is why it has the most powerful systems in the world.
Besides it is home to many famous and important trademarks in different fields either in medical equipment, automobiles & engines, medicines… etc. 
The people of Germany love to celebrate and get together, especially during carnival season, at wine festivals, Oktoberfest, football matches, and other beer festivals.

Germany is located in the Center of Europe, with a total area of 357,022 km²

Estimated population of 83.13 million

The capital of the state is Berlin

The official language is German

The currency is the Euro €


The process may be simplified into the following steps:

Step1: Signing a contract with NTL and making the first payment.
Step2: Define and approve the type of work.
Step3: Company registration and opening a bank account.
Step4: Applying for the residency and need to fill out the application, residential address, health insurance and company registration certificate.
Step5: Finally, receiving the residency card.

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