Dominican Republic

 Citizenship by Investment

Investors often seek to obtain Investment Citizenship from the Dominican Republic, considering it one of the most beautiful destinations in the Caribbean, known for its breathtaking natural beauty and cultural diversity.


The Atlantic Ocean borders the country to the north, the Mona Channel to the east, separating it from Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean Sea to the south. It shares land borders with Haiti to the west, the other country on the island of Hispaniola, and the average area is 48.671 km².

It has an estimated population of 11.434.005 people.

The capital of the state is Santo Domingo

The official language:

Spanish is the official language in Dominican Republic.

The currency is Dominican Peso (DOP)

Gross Domestic Product (GDP): $294.562 billion

Investment Citizenship Program from the Dominican Republic

This program is not a direct path to citizenship by investment. Initially, investors receive permanent residency valid for one year upon making the required investment. Citizenship can be applied for after residing in the country for six months.

By investing $200,000, investors can obtain the Investment Citizenship through various investment projects:

Immovable properties

Movable properties

Passive income method

Advantages of the Investment Citizenship Program from the Dominican Republic:

  • Allows dual citizenship
  • Inclusion of spouse and children
  • Cost-effective citizenship, especially after recent amendments reducing CBI acquisition fees
  • Possibility of obtaining citizenship after 6 months

Benefits of Obtaining Investment Citizenship from the Dominican Republic

  1. Visa-free travel to 74 countries, including Russia, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Turkey, and Singapore. Note that entry into the Schengen Area is not covered by this citizenship.
  2. Tax exemption on foreign investment for the first 3 years
  3. Ability to live and work in the Dominican Republic
  4. Access to healthcare and educational services

Required Documents

Birth certificate for all applicants

Marriage certificate if applicable

Copy of passport

Clear criminal record.

A bank financial statement with proof of a legal source of income.

Health insurance

9 passport-sized photos

Additional requirements include a good command of the Spanish language, as it is the official language on the island, and familiarity with the customs and culture of the Dominican Republic.

Steps to Obtain Investment Citizenship from the Dominican Republic:

  • Prepare all required documents for translation and verification by NTL.
  • Invest in a project worth the required investment of $200,000.
  • Open a bank account in the Dominican Republic.
  • Apply for permanent residency after making the investment, usually valid for one year and renewable for four years.
  • Provide proof of residence for 6 months in the first year.
  • Submit the citizenship application.

It is important to consult specialized experts in the field of second citizenship, as this process requires precision and monitoring of continuous updates announced by the authorities responsible for the Investment Citizenship Programs from the Dominican Republic. Contact us at NTL to be your guide.

What is the Difference Between Commonwealth Dominica and the Dominican Republic?

Dominica is referred to as “Commonwealth Dominica” as it is one of the countries within the British Commonwealth. On the other hand, the Dominican Republic is named so because it is not under sovereign rule but is subject to presidential rule. In conclusion, while both countries share a location in the Caribbean and have similar names, they are separate entities with differences in size, population, languages, political systems, economies, and cultural attractions.

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