Residency by Investment

Do you know how to get Uruguay Residency by Investment? 

Have you ever thought about living in South America?

 Did you know that Uruguay is one of the best countries offering residency by investment programs on the South American continent?

Choosing Uruguay Residency by Investment as your investment destination presents an enticing opportunity for those seeking to make this South American nation their home, replete with a myriad of advantages. Moreover, possessing a Uruguayan passport holds the prestigious rank of 27th globally, affording visa-free access to 153 countries, including coveted destinations such as the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Russia, and the European Union.

Ways to obtain Uruguay Residency by Investment

The process of obtaining residency in Uruguay through investment can be attractive for high-net-worth individuals looking to enjoy the benefits of living in this peaceful South American country. Here are the primary pathways and considerations for obtaining Uruguayan residency by investment:

Real Estate Investment

One of the most common methods to obtain Uruguay residency by investment is through the purchase of real estate. There is no minimum investment amount for obtaining residency through real estate investment. The primary requirement is that the investment demonstrates a genuine commitment to Uruguay, either through living in the country or contributing to its economy. However, the value of the investment can influence the ease and speed of the residency application process, and substantial investments are viewed more favorably.

Business Investment

Investing in a business in Uruguay is a strategic pathway to obtaining residency, appealing to entrepreneurs and investors interested in leveraging Uruguay’s stable economy and business-friendly environment. The government encourages foreign investment by offering various incentives, and while there is no strict minimum investment amount, the investment should be substantial and generate employment for Uruguayans.

Types of Business Investments: Start a New Business OR Invest in an Existing Business.

Bank Deposit

Another option for obtaining Uruguay Residency by Investment is making a significant deposit in a Uruguayan bank. Although not formally categorized as an investment visa, this option demonstrates financial solvency and commitment to residing in Uruguay. The exact amount is not specified but should reflect the applicant’s ability to support themselves financially while living in Uruguay. This route is less about the direct economic contribution through business or real estate investment and more about proving the applicant’s financial stability.

Retirement and Income Verification (Passive income)

While not a direct investment route, Uruguay offers residency options for individuals who can prove a steady income from abroad, such as pensions or other stable financial sources. This is ideal for retirees or individuals with passive income who wish to live in Uruguay.

Uruguay does not have a fixed minimum income amount that applies universally; instead, the required income level may vary depending on the individual’s circumstances and the cost of living in the area where they plan to reside.

Required Documents

Valid passport.

Three recent biometric photos.

Clear criminal record

From the home country and the country of residence.

Able to provide proof of monthly income

Of $2,000, and $2,500 for married investors.

Marriage certificate if applicable.

Medical certificate proving that the investor is in good health

Benefits of Obtaining Uruguay Residency by Investment

  1. The ability to include your spouse and children.
  2. Individuals over the age of 18 can work in Portugal.
  3. No language requirements.

Advantages of Obtaining Uruguay Residency by Investment

  • The possibility of obtaining Uruguay citizenship after 5 years, or after 3 years for married applicants. However, it is a prerequisite that the investor resides in Uruguay for a minimum of 6 months annually during the period of holding permanent residency.
  • Ease of opening a bank account and buying or renting property in Uruguay.
  • Living in an economically strong and stable country.
  • Uruguay permits dual citizenship.
  • Enjoying the benefit of tax exemptions.

About Uruguay

Uruguay is known for its moderate climate, thriving infrastructure, excellent healthcare services at reasonable prices, and its friendly population, all of which have contributed to boosting tourism in the country.

Uruguay is situated in South America, bordered by Argentina and Brazil, with the Atlantic Ocean to the south, with a total area of 176,215 km²

Estimated population of 3.5 million people

The capital of the state is Montevideo

The official language is Spanish

The currency is the Uruguayan Peso (UYU)

General Considerations

Application Process: The application process involves submitting various documents, including a health certificate, a criminal background check from the country of origin, and proof of income or investment. All documents from abroad must be apostilled or legalized and translated into Spanish.

Tax Residency: Uruguay has favorable tax policies for new residents, including tax holidays on foreign income for a certain period. It’s essential to consult with a tax advisor to understand the implications fully.

Legal and Professional Guidance: Engaging with a professional firm specializing in Uruguayan residency applications is highly recommended. This ensures compliance with all legal requirements and a smoother application process.


The process may be simplified into the following steps:

Step1: Sign a contract with NTL and make the initial payment after reading and agreeing to the terms and conditions.
Step2: Travel to Uruguay for a personal interview.
Step3: Receive a temporary Cedula within 10 days, valid for up to 24 months.
Step4: Process the application, which may take up to 24 months. It's worth noting that you can work and live during this period.
Step5: After your application is approved, you will receive permanent residency in Uruguay for 5 years (renewable). Clients can travel to Urguay to collect their Residency permits.

Uruguay’s welcoming approach to foreign investors and individuals seeking residency, combined with its high quality of life and economic stability, makes it an attractive option for those looking to invest and reside in South America. NTL , with its expertise in global residency and citizenship by investment programs, is ideally positioned to assist VIPs and investors in navigating the Uruguay Residency by Investment application process efficiently and successfully.