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Vanuatu … the happiest place on earth for the past ten years. It is an archipelago of volcanic origin that includes a chain of more than 80 mountain islands and is covered by tropical rainforests. The name of the country belongs to the two words, Vanua which mean the land or the country, and the word Tu which mean position, and the two words together indicate the state of the new country.

Nearly 80 % of the population of Vanuatu live in rural areas and practice subsistence production of food, housing, and other items for the household economy. Besides, most households are involved in cash production, particularly agricultural products such as copra (dried coconut flesh), cocoa, and coffee. The island considers a destination for adventure lovers and bungee jumping.

Vanuatu is located in the South Pacific,

To northeastern Australia, northeastern New Caledonia, western Fiji and the southeastern Solomon Islands and near New Guinea. Its total area is 12.190 km2

Its population is 290 thousand people.

The capital of the state is Port Vila.

The official language:

Vanuatu has more than 100 spoken languages, but English, French, and Bislama (a simplified language of the English language) are the official languages of the country.

The currency is Vanuatu Vatu (VUV).

How to obtain citizenship by investment in Vanuatu?

The applicant under Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Program has only one option for getting the citizenship:

  • Government non-refundable Donation to the Vanuatu Development Support Program (DSP):

The minimum investment is $130.000 for a single applicant.

For a Married Couple $150.000.

For a family of 4 members, the minimum investment is $180.000.

Additional fees for each new member after the second child according to age.


In addition to Government, administrative, and Due Diligence Fees.

Advantages of Vanuatu Citizenship Program:

  1. The ability to include the spouse and children under the age of 30 in the main application.
  2. The ability to pass one’s citizenship to future generations by descent as it is a first-class citizenship.
  3. Dual Nationality: No obligation to relinquish current nationality.
  4. No language requirements for residence or citizenship.
  5. Complete confidentiality in carrying out the procedures.
  6. The investor pays the minimum administrative fees for the transaction, while the large investment value is paid after the government approves of the citizenship application.
  7. No interview, education, or management experience is required.
  8. No requirement to reside in Vanuatu before, during, or after obtaining citizenship.
  9. The only program of its kind for citizenship by investment (CBI) in the Asia & Pacific region.
  10. It is the fastest program for citizenship by investment in the world at present, as the procedures from handing over the file to issuing the citizenship certificate take three to four months only.

What are the benefits of obtaining citizenship from Vanuatu?

  1. Access more than 98 countries with Vanuatu passports without the need to apply for a visa, including  Singapore, Russia, and Hong Kong. At the end of 2022, Europe’s Schengen area is not included as per the new European Union regulation, for all who had CBI in Vanuatu after 2015. And on August 16, 2023, Vanuatu nationals are prohibited from entering the UK without a visa.
  2. Getting the 42nd-ranked passport in the world.
  3. Possibility of establishing a company in any country in the world.
  4. Lowest tax rates and free trade environment.
  5. Beneficial tax regime – you will not be liable for any income tax, capital gains tax, or inheritance tax.
  6. Low-cost living.
  7. A country with tremendous economic growth and investment opportunities.
  8. A stable and calm country with no armed forces.
  9. Real estate prices are low.
  10. One of the happiest places in the world.
  11. Ability to study in one of the best universities in the world.

Required Documents for application:

Copies of valid passports.

Copies of personal identity.

Birth certificate for all applicants and a marriage certificate.

Clear criminal record.

Certificate of Academic Achievement.

A bank financial statement with proof of a legal source of income.

Medical examination (health certificate that it is free of diseases).

CV. and recommendation letters.

Steps to Obtain Citizenship by Investment From Vanuatu:

  1. Firstly, sign the contract with NTL and make the down payment.
  2. Secondly, prepare ALL the Required Documents by the investor, with the support of our office and legal teams, who will review, translate, and check-up the entire file before sending it to the island’s lawyer.
  3. Sending the documents to the Island where our lawyer will check the papers for the last time before submitting the application.
  4. After that, Governmental procedures and Due Diligence.
  5. The government’s approval of the request, and then you should pay the entire amount to the government.
  6. The applicant must sign and swear an oath before the delegate from the Vanuatu government (either on the island or the government may send two commissioners on behalf of it to a suitable country for the applicant but at his personal expense).
  7. Then, issuing the naturalization document and Printing the Passport.
  8. Handover or send the “Naturalization Document” and the Passport to a convenient place.

Info & useful links about Vanuatu:

  1. Firstly, sign the contract with NTL and make the down payment.
  2. Secondly, prepare ALL the Required Documents by the investor, with the support of our office and legal teams, who will review, translate, and check-upcheck up the entire file before sending it to the island’s lawyer.
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