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NTL Trust is an authorized and certified company by the Caribbean government, that specializes in providing consultations for boutique corporate and private clients, and for High Net-Worth Individuals and Business Owners regarding Citizenship and Residency by investment programs, Asset Protection Structuring for their business, wealth, Investments, and Private Estate.

In this regard, NTL advises its clients on the most appropriate citizenship or residency by investment program for them and their families, real estate planning, wealth preservation, and management of offshore companies. Moreover, our services extend to include the benefits of global tax agreements for our client’s business.

NTL has  been established in 1994, based on Caribbean islands plus the 12 cooperation branches all around the world.

NTL من نحن About Us

We work closely with Private Bankers, Wealth Managers, Financial Consultants, and Insurance Brokers on providing the fastest and one-stop solution to the client. And in order to ensure that the client meets the full requirements and conditions stipulated by laws, NTL  experts and lawyers review and study each file separately before submitting it to the government of the concerned country.

NTL in coordination with the governments of the Caribbean countries provides various programs for obtaining second citizenship: Antigua and Barbuda – Grenada – Saint Kitts and Nevis – Saint Lucia – Dominica. All allow dual citizenship and have tax exemption systems. Furthermore, we expand our services of second citizenship to include other countries such as Vanuatu as well as some European countries such as Montenegro – Cyprus – Malta – Moldova.

Also among the company’s services, there are following up to obtaining investment residency in some countries through real estate investment or by founding a commercial activity, such as Germany –Britain – Spain – Cyprus – Greece – Portugal – Serbia- and Albania, in addition to  UAE, Canada, and the E2 VISA in the USA.

After the launch of the Turkish Program of Citizenship by Investment and its subsequent amendment on the amount of the investment, NTL has also covered this program in all aspects related to selecting the appropriate investment, evaluating it, preparing the file of the client and his family, and following up the application from A to Z until receiving the Turkish passport.

According to its comprehensive and long-standing experience in this field, NTL provides its clients around the world with the optimum options for investment, whether by providing the best commercial and real estate investment opportunities and explaining the local real estate market to the client, giving the sufficient and reliable information or by directing him to invest in a better field. It also works to keep clients fully informed of all new opportunities and projects available for investment, whether in the Caribbean islands, Turkey, or European countries.

In order to guarantee and protect the rights of the investor, the company conducts a study and evaluation of the importance of investment projects, reviewing all the procedures followed and expected revenues and reviewing contracts with investment companies and developers to ensure that there are no gaps, especially in real estate contracts, following up the necessary procedures that lead to receiving the passport.

NTL’s 30-year history in the consulting and investment field qualifies it to be the ideal partner to assist clients in managing their wealth by providing investment advice for making financial decisions, choosing investment programs that match their short and long-term financial goals, as well as financial planning, asset allocation, and planning For post-retirement life.

NTL also assures its valued customers of strict confidentiality and complete safety for themselves and their families regarding their submitted files and their investments worldwide.

The programs offered by the Caribbean islands and the Turkish Republic, along with residency programs for some European countries, are highly compatible with businessmen looking for international and foreign investments and seek freedom of movement without restrictions, stability, safety for themselves and their families and look for the best future for their children.


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NTL Trust is an authorized and certified company by the Caribbean government

We have 12 offices around the world

For over 30 years in the Caribbean

A team of lawyers experts in the second citizenship and investment residency

Real estate and investment consulting

Specializing in offshore company and wealth management

Happy clients

Years of experience in citizenship and residency by investment

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