investment citizenship in Slovenia
Is there a specific investment citizenship in Slovenia?

Recently, there have been many rumors circulating about the investment citizenship in Slovenia, whether there are investment programs that interest investors, or if it only offers second citizenship through traditional ways.

Slovenia is one of the European countries overlooking the Mediterranean, located in the heart of Europe as a source of stability, prosperity, and natural beauty. It offers a blend of Mediterranean warmth, mountain air purity. It is a strategic investment center and a gateway to the European Union.

What are the ways to obtain Slovenian citizenship?

There are several ways to obtain Slovenian citizenship:

  1. Citizenship by Birth: Individuals born to Slovenian parents or one Slovenian parent can automatically obtain Slovenian citizenship.
  2. Citizenship by descent:  by proving kinship with grandparents or ancestors of Slovenian origin.
  3. Citizenship by Marriage: Individuals can obtain Slovenian citizenship by marrying a Slovenian citizen, but the relationship must be continuous for a certain period and other legal requirements must be met.
  4. Citizenship by Residence and Naturalization: Individuals who have lived in Slovenia for a long period and meet a set of conditions such as continuous residence, achieving cultural and linguistic integration, can obtain investment citizenship in Slovenia.
  5. Citizenship by Investment Residency: Individuals can obtain investment citizenship in Slovenia by getting the investment residency and after that the investors are able to apply for second citizenship.

Is there a specific investment citizenship in Slovenia?

Slovenia is not among the countries that offer a specific program for investment citizenship. However, it offers an investment residency program, which allows foreign investors to obtain permanent residency in Slovenia by investing in the country’s economy.

Is it possible to obtain investment citizenship in Slovenia through investment residency?

In Slovenia, investment laws provide an attractive environment for investors, where anyone can easily start a company within the country. Company registration procedures are simple and fast, requiring only the opening of a bank account with a value of 50,000 euros, and the minimum capital of the company is 7,500 euros. After approval of the company’s establishment, its owner is granted permission to start work and is granted a residence permit for one year. The residency permit can be extended for up to five years if the company continues to operate. At the end of the temporary residence period, the individual can apply for permanent residence, and after ten years, they can obtain citizenship.

What are the available investment methods to obtain investment residence in Slovenia?

Obtaining residence and initiating investment there is one of the crucial factors for obtaining investment citizenship in Slovenia:

  1. Business Investment: This allows investors the opportunity to start a new business or invest in an existing company in Slovenia. The value of investments ranges from 50,000 to 100,000 euros, depending on the business sector and area. This option not only boosts Slovenia’s economy but also contributes to creating job opportunities and supporting the local community.
  2. Real Estate Investment: Although investing in real estate does not directly lead to obtaining residence or citizenship, owning properties can be part of a comprehensive investment strategy. This requires compliance with local laws and regulations, as well as demonstrating economic ties to Slovenia.
  3. Government Bonds and Projects: Investment in government-approved projects, including bonds and other economic initiatives, can also be considered. These projects typically aim to support economic growth, enhance innovation, and create job opportunities in Slovenia.

What are the benefits of obtaining a residence permit from Slovenia?

The early stages of obtaining investment citizenship in Slovenia, obtaining a residence permit offers many benefits, including:

– Visa-free travel between EU countries.

– Expanding the investor’s company activities in the EU region.

– Free education for the investor’s family in EU countries.

– Providing healthcare services for the investor and their family.

– Permanent residency after 5 years of temporary residency.

– Eligibility to apply for citizenship after 10 years.

What benefits does an investor find upon obtaining investment citizenship in Slovenia?

– Visa-free entry to 184 countries.

– Slovenian passport ranks tenth among passports of world countries including the United States and European Union countries.

– Freedom to live, travel, and study in Slovenia.

– Investment in an economically stable region.

What are the requirements for obtaining investment citizenship in Slovenia?

– Passport copy

– Health insurance

– Clean criminal record

– Proficiency in Slovenian language

– Recommendation letter

– Marriage certificate if applicable

– Continuous residence in Slovenia

Here are some general information about Slovenia:

Location: Bordered by Austria and Croatia to the northeast and Italy to the west

Population: 2 million people

Capital: Ljubljana

Official Language: Slovenian

Official Currency: Euro

Gross Domestic Product: $61.5 billion

In conclusion, obtaining investment citizenship in Slovenia is possible if the required conditions are met, starting from obtaining permanent residence for 10 years to fulfilling the language and integration requirements in society. You can contact our team at NTL to learn about various citizenship programs available in the European Union, including the investment citizenship program in Malta and others.