Grenada CIS24 Summit
 Grenada CIS24 Summit Boosts Investment in the Caribbean

The Grenada CIS24 Summit concluded with great success, as Saint Lucia announced its intention to join the agreement on unifying the investment threshold in the Caribbean’s citizenship-by-investment programs. This summit brought together officials and decision-makers from citizenship-by-investment units, as well as investors and industrialists, to discuss investment opportunities and future cooperation prospects.

Grenada CIS24 Summit Brings Together Investors and Experts: 

At the end of the Grenada CIS24 Summit, investors had the opportunity to explore Grenada and learn about available investment projects.

The summit was distinguished by the presence of citizenship-by-investment program agencies and wealth management services, with NTL Trust being the gold sponsor of this significant event. Some of the key officials participating in the Grenada Summit included:

– Thoma Antony, CEO of the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Agency

– Charmain Donovan, CEO of the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Unit

– Marie Therese Johnson, Director of the Citizenship by Investment Unit in Dominica

– Emmanuel Nathan, President of the Association of Citizenship by Investment Programs

– McClaude Emmanuel, CEO of the Citizenship by Investment Program, Saint Lucia

Key Points of the Grenada CIS24 Summit

  • Discussion of Citizenship-by-Investment Programs: The summit addressed the latest developments in these programs.
  •  Networking between Investors and Industrialists: Facilitating meetings between decision-makers to enhance investment cooperation.
  • Presentation of Investment Projects in the Caribbean: Inviting investors to explore investment opportunities in Grenada. Click Here

 Notable Lectures at the Grenada CIS24 Summit:

  •  Adaptability and Sustainability: Discussing the importance of sustainability in citizenship-by-investment programs.
  •  Need for Innovation: Emphasizing innovation to meet the changing market needs.
  •  Engagement with Global Powers: Exploring cooperation with the US, EU, and UK.
  • Future Development: Exploring possibilities to enhance citizenship programs through strategic partnerships.

Saint Lucia’s Decision to Join the Unified Agreement:

During the Grenada CIS24 Summit, Saint Lucia announced its intention to join the Caribbean Unified Agreement (MOA), a step that enhances the integration of investment programs in the region. This decision will unify investment requirements across the five Caribbean countries, setting a unified minimum investment threshold of USD 200,000.

This strategic move aims to enhance transparency and cooperation among Caribbean countries, increasing the region’s appeal to global investors seeking new opportunities and a better life. As the implementation of this agreement approaches, investors are advised to take advantage of current opportunities before the new investment threshold is applied.

Stay updated on developments in the Caribbean citizenship-by-investment programs to make the most of the promising opportunities highlighted by the Grenada CIS24 Summit.