Bosco Conference Invest Pro UAE Dubai 2024

Bosco Conference Invest Pro UAE Dubai 2024

Part of the 2024 Bosco Conference Series

Bosco Conference is a leading global platform for organizing high-quality events for professionals and investors in the fields of business and wealth management. These conferences provide a real opportunity for investors to expand their network and exchange ideas with a select group of global experts. The diverse events held in various cities across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East aim to enhance communication among participants and provide a fruitful environment for discussions and continuous learning.

Invest Pro Dubai, the first conference of the 2024 Bosco Conference series:

The first conference of the year 2024 was held at the Taj Dubai Hotel under the name “Invest Pro Dubai.”

The conference was classified as a corporate gathering or B2B, during which several lectures were presented, including those related to investment residency and citizenship:

– Hungary: One of the oldest golden visa programs.

– The path to the United States through the EB5 visa.

– Obtaining a golden visa for the European Union through real estate investment in Greece.

– Real estate investment in Cyprus and its related advantages.

– The golden visa program and investment opportunities in Hungary.

Additionally, numerous lectures were held related to investment methods and tax programs in many countries around the world, including the United Kingdom, the Caribbean region, Saudi Arabia, and others.

NTL Lecture by Mr. Imad Elbitar:

This wasn’t the first time we participated in the Bosco conference, so we gladly accepted the organizers’ invitation to attend the Bosco Dubai conference.

 About Mr. Imad Elbitar:

Let’s provide a brief introduction to the lecturer, who is a frequent guest speaker at Bosco events. Imad Elbitar is a wealth management consultant with over 10 years of experience. He has a distinct skill in asset management and extensive experience in real estate investment. Most importantly, he is a consultant and expert in citizenship and investment residency, serving as the administrative advisor for NTL in the Middle East and Torkey.

Caribbean Citizenship by Investment: Pros and Cons:

Under this title, Mr. Imad presented his lecture, which received significant attention. The room was filled with guests and investors, especially those interested in Caribbean CBI. Mr. Imad discussed the Caribbean citizenship by investment programs in detail, comparing the five programs among themselves. Each island’s citizenship, including family members and dependents, was compared, along with the available investment options for each island.

Mr. Imad emphasized during his lecture that Caribbean citizenship is not just about obtaining a second passport for visa-free travel to many countries worldwide; it is also a first-class citizenship. It comes with economic advantages and opens doors for investors to participate in various international agreements and treaties, notably:

– The E2 Visa treaty with the United States.

– The Caribbean Community CARICOM treaty, facilitating trade among these islands.

Furthermore, Caribbean governments provide support to investors for establishing investment projects that benefit the country.

On the sidelines of the Bosco conference, one of the banks capable of facilitating the opening of bank accounts in the European Union was introduced. This means facilitating our clients’ transactions through this company.

At the end of his lecture, Mr. Imad announced the Caribbean conference, organized by NTL and scheduled to be held in Grenada at the end of the current year, 2024. He also expressed his readiness to provide more details and necessary consultation for all investors interested in obtaining Caribbean citizenship seriously.