Grenada 2024 changes

Amendment to Grenada Citizenship by Investment Regulations

Summary of the document published by the Government of Grenada regarding the new investment fees that will be officially implemented on July 1, 2024.

 New Fees for Obtaining Citizenship in Grenada:

Contribution to the National Transformation Fund (NTF):

  • Main applicant and up to 3 individuals: $235,000 
  • Additional individuals: $25,000 
  • Dependents over 18 years: $50,000 

Investment in Government-Approved Projects:

  • Main applicant and 3 additional individuals: $270,000 
  • Government contribution: $50,000 
  • Additional individuals: $25,000 
  • Dependents over 18 years: $50,000 
  • Siblings: $75,000

New fees have been added to the citizenship applications in Grenada:

  • Project Administration Fee:$20,000 USD for approved projects
  • Extension Request Fee:$10,000 USD for requesting an extension to the project start date.
  • The due diligence fees remain unchanged.

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