landmarks of the Emirates

The most important landmarks of the Emirates

The worldly First in many fields

The  architectural and heritage landmarks of the Emirates are globally significant in many fields. We have selected top 10 activities and places that showcase a blend of modernity and heritage.

Key Architectural and Heritage Landmarks of the Emirates:

1- Burj Khalifa:

Burj Khalifa Panorama

When discussing landmarks of the Emirates , it is essential to mention the world’s tallest tower. In 2010. It held the record as the tallest tower globally until 2019, standing at a height of 828 meters with 163 floors. Key features of Burj Khalifa include:

  • Luxurious residential apartments from floors 45 to 108.
  • Numerous commercial malls and companies.
  • The world’s tallest library.

2- Camel Racing as in the UAE:

The government of the UAE has actively worked to promote and develop camel racing. It is one of the important landmarks of the Emirates. Camel racing is an annual event held in the UAE. To enhance this traditional activity robots were introduced in 2002 to replace human jockeys. In 2007, the world’s first camel hospital was established. There are over 15 racetracks in the UAE, with one of the most prominent being the Al Marmoom track in Dubai, constructed in 2008.

3- Hyperloop Rapid Transit:

Under the slogan “12 minutes only to travel between Abu Dhabi and Dubai,” the UAE launched the world’s first service and commercial project in transportation. The objective is to provide fast transportation and reduce traffic congestion. This project is still under study and is considered an environmentally friendly initiative, relying on renewable energy sources such as solar power.

4- Aerial Sports:

The UAE is a great choice to experience various types of aerial sports, which have become widely popular recently due to providing a suitable environment. You can try skydiving for an adventurous thrill, and it’s worth mentioning that the UAE hosted the World Parachuting Championship in 2012. If you’re with your family, you can opt for a hot air balloon ride lasting 20 minutes, reaching an altitude of up to 4000 feet, and enjoy the view of Dubai’s desert.

5- Water Sports:

sea sports in the Emirates Panorama

In the United Arab Emirates, water enthusiasts can indulge in a variety of thrilling water activities amid the stunning backdrop of the Arabian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. From the heart-pounding excitement of kayaking and parasailing, offering breathtaking views of iconic cityscapes, to the mesmerizing world beneath the waves through scuba diving, the options are diverse. Underwater hotels provide a unique opportunity to observe marine life up close, creating an unforgettable experience. With consistent winds and warm waters, jet-skiing, windsurfing, and paddleboarding add to the excitement. The UAE’s commitment to top-notch facilities ensures an unparalleled aquatic adventure for all seeking an unforgettable coastal experience.  

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6- Dubai Police Car Fleet:

Certainly, you’ve heard about the luxurious police cars in Dubai, where the Dubai Police car fleet features a collection of the most modern and fast vehicles, such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, and the Bugatti, which is considered the fastest car in the world. These cars were chosen to adhere to the highest safety and security standards, aiming to protect the residents and visitors of Dubai.

7- Key Museums in the UAE:

Dubai is committed to covering various aspects of life. Thus, it has opened several museums that vary in content, reflecting the diverse landmarks of the Emirates:

  • The Union Museum in Dubai.
  • Dubai Museum, also known as Al Fahidi Fort, built in 1971.
  • Coffee Museum and Tea Museum.
  • Coin Museum.
  • Children’s City: Located in Dubai Creek, it aims to facilitate learning through play and exploration.
  • Louvre Abu Dhabi, housing a diverse collection of artistic landmarks that affirm the country’s history and culture.

8- Skiing Inside Mall of the Emirates:

Landmarks of the Emirates also contain Mall of the UAE, housing the renowned indoor skiing facility known as “Ski Dubai.” This facility ranks among the world’s largest indoor ski slopes. Ski Dubai is situated within a temperature-controlled enclosure, allowing visitors to enjoy ice skiing throughout the year.

9- Floating Golf Course:

Golf course in the Emirates Panorama

The UAE, particularly Abu Dhabi, boasts a cutting-edge marvel in the form of a floating golf course—a distinctive modern landmark that combines luxury and sport. This unique course features 9 holes, each presenting elevated golf challenges to players, creating a dynamic and innovative golfing experience. Accessible through a network of intricately designed wooden bridges, golf enthusiasts can enjoy a round of golf while surrounded by the tranquil waters of the Arabian Gulf. This fusion of opulence and recreation showcases the Emirates’ commitment to pushing boundaries and offering unparalleled leisure opportunities, making the floating golf course a must-visit attraction for avid golfers and admirers of architectural ingenuity alike.

10- Falcon Purchasing:

Historical landmarks of the Emirates are also of interest to the government, the opportunity to purchase falcons. Specialized shops for the sale and marketing of falcons can be found in some UAE airports. Travelers interested in acquiring a falcon can explore a wide range of trained falcons and related supplies in dedicated stores within the airport.

We realistically cannot cover all the landmarks of the Emirates, but we have highlighted some of the most important ones.  It mentioned that the UAE receives applications to get Golden or Green Residency.  We are pleased to offer all accommodation services in the UAE, contact us for more details.