Return of the Golden Visa Program in Portugal
Return of the Golden Visa Program in Portugal

After stopping receiving applications for the Golden Visa Program in Portugal, the Portuguese parliament finally released the result of the final vote of the Economic and Public Works Committee, which stipulates the resumption of receiving golden visa applications again in July 2023. Still, this return does not allow the possibility of obtaining a Golden Visa through real estate investment.

This means opening the door to receiving golden residency as long as it is not through the purchase of real estate or any type of real estate investment while maintaining the other conditions.

Options available for obtaining the Golden Visa Program in Portugal:

  • Securing at least 10 job opportunities.
  • The investor’s contribution to scientific research.
  • Investing in the promotion of cultural heritage.
  • Investing through mutual funds.
  • Commercial investment by securing at least 5 jobs

As for the options that are no longer available (discontinued), they are:

  • Capital transfer.
  • Real Estate Investment.
  • Investing in renovating a property.

Benefits of obtaining the Golden Visa Program in Portugal:

  • Freedom of movement within Portugal and the Schengen countries.
  • Possibility of obtaining permanent residence after 5 years.
  • Freedom to live and work within Portugal.
  • Enjoy tax benefits or tax relief when you are an ‘unusual resident’.
  • Social Security and Medicare benefits.
  • Practicing professional activity, whether independent or an employee.
  • Possibility of residing in any Schengen country for 3 months every 6 months

You can find out more details regarding the Golden Visa Program in Portugal by contacting NTL directly.