the End of the Golden Visa Program in Portugal
The End of the Golden Visa Program in Portugal

The end Golden Visa program in Portugal following the meeting chaired by Prime Minister António Costa on the 16th of February.

 This decision was among the recent measures launched by the government to address the problem of high real estate prices in the region. Especially since most investors obtained the golden visa through real estate investment.

Portugal reportedly issued 11,628 Golden Visas between October 2012 and January 2023. The most common recipients were China, Brazil, the USA, Türkiye and South Africa.

 All details of this decision will be discussed on the 16th of this month. Therefore,  all proposals will be discussed and submitted to the Office of the  Republic Presidency. Until that, no new applications will be received to apply for the Golden Visa. It is likely that the ongoing applications will be completed and will not be stopped.

It is worth noting that Portugal launched the Golden Visa program in 2012 intending to improve the country’s economy and attract investors around the world.

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