Bosco Conference Istanbul

Bosco Conference Istanbul 2024

Investment citizenship in the Caribbean

Bosco Conference Istanbul is the second event this year, which is a prominent event in the realm of academic and professional gatherings, stands as an important meeting for those who are interested in CBI and RBI programs and all types of investors.

NTL at Bosco Conference Istanbul 2024: 

The meeting was repeated again at the Bosco Conference Istanbul 2024, while our last meeting was in February at the Dubai conference. It targeted companies not individuals “B2B concept”. Our lecture was about comparison between the Caribbean countries that offer second citizenship. Take a look at: Mr. Imad’s lecture at the Bosco Dubai conference from here.

Mr. Imad’s lecture at Bosco Conference Istanbul 2024:

Our last meeting at the Bosco Conference Istanbul was on 4/18/2024, under the supervision of Mr. Imad Elbitar, Managing Partner in the Middle East for NTL, who in turn gave a distinguished lecture entitled “Caribbean Citizenship by Investment, What’s Next?”

The main advantages which mentioned in the lecture:

Bosco Conference Istanbul witnessed many lectures talking about Golden Visa, Banking, tax systems and more. However, Mr Imad’s lecture focused on Caribbean CBI and mentioned new advantages: 

  • Advantages of investment citizenship programs in the Caribbean
  • Freedom to travel without a visa, or by E2 visa 
  • Advantages of being a Commonwealth citizen
  • Resettlement/relocation for the purpose of housing
  • Expand your business
  • The concept of wealth management
  • Facilitating dealing with bank accounts
  • Investment opportunities
  • What about the rising prices for Caribbean CBI programs, know more here

In the Bosco Conference Istanbul , Mr. Imad did not miss the chance  to tell true stories of real clients who found Caribbean CBI as an ideal solution to some of the problematic situations that stand in the way of their investment. He also expressed his happiness in helping hundreds of families over 30 years, and invited the attendees to go to NTL’s private pavilion at the conference, in order to discuss ideas and provide consultations on everything related to citizenship and investment residency programs.

About NTL’s special corner:

Our discussion section witnessed a busy audience, as many investors approached it looking for solutions to their investment problems or searching for citizenship and residency programs that suit their requirements, especially investment citizenship in the Caribbean and golden residency programs in Europe. Some of the questions that were asked by clients are:

  • A client with a residency by investment agency is looking for solutions for Russian investors and since most of his clients are from Russia, the suggestion made by the team was to obtain citizenship from Vanuatu.
  • Another client working in the field of freelancing was looking for a residency program in Europe. The answer was that the D7 Visa in Portugal was a suitable solution for him.

In short, the NTL pavilion was a table to find solutions for the attending guests, especially after they attended Mr. Imad’s lecture, which prompted them to visit the website and read many reliable news, so they chose our team to present their questions and try to find solutions for them with the help of Mr. Imad and his team of specialized experts.

Until we meet again, we can not wait to invite you to our own conference in Grenada at the end of this year.