Mr. Imad Elbitar's meeting with the CEO of GEMS about the Secret Bay project
Mr. Imad Elbitar’s meeting with the CEO of GEMS about the Secret Bay project

In a meeting between Mr. Imad Elbitar and Mr. Gregor Nassif founder and owner of Secret Bay Dominica and CEO of GEMS in Istanbul, they talked about the Secret Bay project and considered it one of the best projects for obtaining citizenship by investment around the world, where the CEO of the project advised everyone who wants to obtain a passport Second trip to invest in the Secret Bay project, one of the projects approved by the Government of Dominica in the Caribbean.

Citizenship by investment program has also been talked about as not only a passage for freedom of movement but also one of the most important successful investment opportunities in the current era, especially if the investor chooses the country in which he wishes to invest carefully and the investment project through which he can obtain a passport. The second and strengthening his investment projects.

Factors that drive any investor to invest in the Secret Bay project from the point of view of CEO Gregor Nassif:

Investing in a project under construction, but its initial stages have been completed and put into operation:
The 6-star Secret Bay project is one of the most famous recreational resorts around the world. This complex has won many awards, including:

  • Caribbean Journal Award in 2022 as the Best Hotel Project in the Caribbean.
  • The only real estate project that has the Green Globale certificate.

It is one of the real estate projects approved by the government in order to obtain citizenship by investment in Dominica. Many investors are also looking to invest in a project with proven origin and run the first phase of it, thus ensuring success and obtaining profits.

  • Competitive strategy and systematic development:

According to the Citizenship by Investment Law in Dominica, investors can benefit from the property by selling their investment shares after 3 years of purchasing it, and this point is considered one of the most flexible and competitive points in projects that qualify for second citizenship.

  • Extensive experience in resort and hotel management:

Secret Bay project has more than 30 years of experience in the field of hotel management under the supervision of businessman Giorgio Nassif. Through this project, it was able to face all challenges and build a chain of hotels within the best international standards in one of the most beautiful natural areas. 

  • Follow the reciprocity strategy:

When investing in one of the properties of the Secret Bay project of the GEMS series of projects, according to the law of reciprocity, the investor can spend a week annually in any hotel in the world belonging to this company.

Investors can enjoy the benefits of investing in luxury real estate, taking advantage of Dominica’s thriving tourism market, and securing citizenship with the perks associated with it. By investing in the Secret Bay project and Dominica’s citizenship by investment program, investors can diversify their portfolio, gain a foothold in the luxury hospitality market in the Caribbean, and reap great returns while enjoying the benefits of second citizenship.