most important types of investment funds
The most important types of investment funds

Many investors are looking for the most important types of investment funds. Investment funds can be defined as a portfolio of funds owned by many investors, to invest in one. Investors share the price of this portfolio and benefit from it, each according to the percentage in which he invested.

Dear reader, we will discuss the following ideas in this article:

  • What are the factors for selecting the most important types of investment funds?
  • How can the investor determine the most suitable investment funds for him?
  • The most important types of investment funds
  •  Mutual funds
  • Types of mutual funds
  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • The most important types of mutual funds
  • Traded investment funds
  • Hedge funds
  • Hedge fund strategies
  • Index funds
  • Benefits of investing in index funds

What are the factors for selecting the most important types of investment funds?

The investor chooses the field in which he wants to invest according to several factors that are studied in advance and in detail, and the most important of these factors are:

  • The investor’s objectives of investing through mutual funds.
  • Risks that the user will face.
  • Subscription fees for one of the types of investment funds.

How can the investor determine the most suitable investment funds for him?

The investor can know the most suitable investment funds for him by selecting several things, the most important of which are:

  • Determine the goal to be achieved from this investment
  • Knowing the risks that the investor will face and the issues that follow
  • Subscription fees required to invest in mutual funds.

What are mutual funds?

Mutual funds are classified as the oldest type, a fund that is managed by a group of investment world professionals. Through a mutual fund, money is collected from investors in order to purchase securities, which are priced and sold to the public on a daily basis. This type is considered one of the most important types of investment funds because of the daily sale feature, as managers can trade funds inside the fund around the clock. This type is most suitable for those looking for investment funds for retirement plans, and it is one of the best ways to save and develop long-term money. It is also characterized by its low cost and its entry into many projects in order to reduce the risk ratio. The investor can also choose the sector in which he wants to invest.

Types of Mutual Funds:

There are 3 types of mutual funds, which we will summarize as follows:

  1. Closed mutual funds: which means that there is a fixed number of shares that are bought and sold when they are in the market.
  2. Open-ended mutual funds: the type that is in line with the investor’s desire to create new shares.
  3. Unit mutual funds: It is the investment through a fixed portfolio of securities without the need for management.

What are ETFs?

It is an investment specialized in a specific field, which consists of an individual portfolio. This type was established in 1990. When investing in ETFs, you must select a specific investment category, whether it is through a specific sector, or specify the investment strategy in which you intend to invest.

What are the best ETFs?

Gold and silver funds: Investing in gold and silver funds is considered one of the best investments in 2022, and it is a type that fits the size of the high inflation that the global economy is facing today.

Real estate investment funds: Considering real estate as one of the most important sources of income, there are many real estate investment funds on various types of real estate, including residential, commercial, and others.

What do hedge funds mean?

A hedge fund is a partnership between a general partner who occupies the position of fund manager with a number of investors called limited partners. This type aims to gain money without caring about the functioning of the stock market, which varies between bonds, commodities, foreign markets, and futures contracts.

Hedge funds offer any type of cash flow, from various types of loans and credit card expenses to movie theater revenues to securities. The most important characteristic of hedge funds is their wide influence over various global markets. In addition to the feature of distributing investment risks to many investors, which is considered a safety factor for investment over the years.

What are hedge fund strategies?

Not all hedge funds have equal investment returns as the risks vary from one strategy to another. Hedge fund strategies fall into the following types:

  • Long or short term strategy.
  • Market neutral strategy.
  • Bond valuation strategy.
  • Distressed Securities Study Strategy.
  • Corporate merger strategy.
  • A strategy that fits the latest events.

What are index funds?

It is the last name in the most important types of investment funds, which is a financial basket that tries to contain all securities through a specific index, and the purchase of shares ranges between high and low amounts. It is one of the various funds that does not depend on the diversity of the paper currency, but depends on obtaining a piece of each type. By investing through index funds, it is possible to achieve stable returns with a low risk ratio, and it is one of the long-term investment types.

What are the benefits of investing through index funds?

Investing in index funds has many advantages, which are definitely reflected on the investor, and the most important of these benefits are:

  • Economical and more effective, as it is less expensive than regular investment funds.
  • High transparency by following up the prices moment by moment.
  • The existence of permanent liquidity that enables the investor to buy or sell what he owns at any time.

All of the previous types are investment tools that can be used to obtain the greatest benefits and gains, depending on the diversity, but they differ in the details, and the investor must understand all these tools and decide in the best place that suits him to put his money and invest it.

When you invest in these funds, this means exempting you from management and thus benefiting from the services of companies specialized in managing investment funds. You can know more about investment funds in Türkiye here.