CBI applications for Russian
Grenada has suspended CBI applications for Russian investors at the end of March

Once again CBI applications for Russian investors are suspended in Grenada to suit the six social principles of the CBI unit.

When Grenada has suspended CBI applications for Russian investors? 

The decision came after a meeting held between the CBI Unit, various marketing agents, and local agents at the end of March 2023.

This meeting discussed the six social principles that were agreed upon on the 25th of last February, by the US-Caribbean Roundtable on Citizenship by Investment. These six points are:

  • Not receiving applications that have been rejected by other countries, and this is done by ensuring the exchange of information between countries that provide CBI services.
  • Interview the applicant for citizenship, either virtually via the Zoom application or one of the similar applications, or a personal interview on the ground. Bearing in mind that the duration of the interview does not exceed 10-15 minutes, which is considered one of the additional verification processes.
  • Audit CBI programs annually or every two years to ensure that they meet international standards.
  • The possibility of submitting a request to retrieve canceled passports, as the government can withdraw citizenship if its dream harms the national security of the country.
  • Grenada suspends receiving applications.
  • Suspension of receiving CBI applications for Russian and Belarusian investors, as Grenada will suspend receiving all new applications by the end of March, i.e. on 3/31/2023.

The meeting announced to suspension of CBI applications for Russian investors as a main decision. Where all parties stressed the necessity of adhering to and working in the above-mentioned principles.

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