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Are you a Chinese Investor? Then you should consider the Turkish CBI

Months after economic & social turmoil in China, and the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, a growing number of Chinese investors, especially Hong Kong residents, are considering leaving. They are already planning a move to start a new life overseas.

The United States of America, as well as the United Kingdom, are the most popular destinations for Chinese investors. This is due to political and economic stability, apart from the open labour market and the diversity of investment fields. But entering these countries is not easy for you as a Chinese citizen. As investment immigration route in the UK usually requires from you at least $ 2.6 million, which is a very huge amount.

Alternatively, you can consider the Residence of the Innovator or the Overseas Business (Sole Representative) routes in the UK. These routes require you to have a very specific talent or skills or be able to run a highly profitable business that creates local jobs.

Whereas the amendments to the American EB-5 visa increased the minimum investment requirements from $ 500.000. To $ 900.000. Not to mention the long period that you have to wait for issuance.

These obstacles prompted investors to seek alternative options to enter the USA & the UK.

But why should the Chinese investor seriously consider Turkish citizenship?

There is an effective short-cut solution though, which allows you as an investor to migrate to the UK and the USA without spending a fortune or waiting for too long!

By using Türkiye as a springboard, paves the way for you to fulfil your dream, as NTL Company always recommends this way to its customers.

The Turkish Program for Second Citizenship by Investment is considered the most diversified program worldwide.  There are many options for obtaining citizenship varies including real estate investment, bank deposit, or buying government bonds, etc. It is also featured fast transactions that do not take more than 4 months. Furthermore, you can include all your family members under the age of 18 in one application.

The peculiarity of the Turkish CBI program comes from the fact that this program is the least side expenses at in the world. Regards the government fees and administrative expenses when you have additional family members to the citizenship file, they are virtually non-existent.

What are the advantages of being a Turkish Citizen?

After becoming a Turkish citizen, and according to the Ankara Agreement (ECAA), you are allowed to set up a business in the UK with no restriction on the nature of business, profitability or the need to create jobs. Once you successfully set up a business you and your family will get investor residency. Later on, after operating such a business for 4 years, you can apply for permanent residence in the UK.

Furthermore, you, as a Turkish citizen, have the opportunity to take advantage of the trade agreement between Türkiye and the United States related to E2 visa.

It allows you to create a business there without minimum investment. Although it is known that accepted applications must not be less than 150,000 to avoid rejection. This is an ideal option for entrepreneurs and investors as it can be renewed an unlimited number of times. It is worth noting that more than 75 countries have the E2 agreement with the USA. Citizenship by investment in GrenadaMontenegro and Türkiye is the fastest and most effective way, in terms of cost and time