The United States of America and the Residency By Investment


USA Residency By investment

The United States of America is located in the American continent; it has borders with Canada to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the east, Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico to the south, and the Pacific Ocean to the west.  Indian Americans are considered to be indigenous peoples. 

Many people of various nationalities, especially the European countries, found great economic opportunities in America after being discovered by Columbus in 1492, when he sailed through the Atlantic.

Today, The United States of America is a federal republic consisting of 50 states, Washington is the capital. the government system in the United States is federal according to the US Constitution. The government includes the judicial, legislative and executive authorities.


America is the fourth largest country in population, and the strongest in the economy, politics, technology, military, sports, film industry, automotive, motors and many other fields where is the most developed.

It has a diverse nature of oceans, rivers, valleys, and deserts. It is the most desirable country to visit

Investment criteria:

Applicants can grant The United States of America as permanent residents:

  • E2 Treaty Investor visa by making a substantial investment business with a recommended starting amount of 100,000 $.
  • EB-5 Immigrant Investor Creation of a New U.S. Enterprise or Investment in a Regional Center

Application criteria for E2 Treaty Investor Visa Investor

  1. A valid passport that will not expire for at least 6 months.
  2. When you apply to register a business in E2, you must have plans to establish and finance the investing business.
  3. Create jobs for US citizens and residents in the United States.
  4. Many nationalities who belong to E2 Treaty Investor Visa Countries can apply for an E2 visa. Except for citizens of India and China, only they could enter as a spouse of an E2 visa holder.
  5. An applicant must be able to prove that he/she has invested or is in the process of investing a substantial amount in a bona fide US business.
  6. The investment used to qualify for an E2 visa must be in an operational activity which requires people to work in the company. 
  7. Companies that do not require any employees as property, stocks or bond investments are not eligible.
  8. If you buying an existing business, it may be possible to apply for registration of E2 based on the purchase agreement
  9. The company must be registered as an investor in E2 before applying for an E2 visa.
  10. An applicant must be able to prove that he/she is entering the US for the sole purpose of developing and directing the business in which he/she invested.

Application criteria for EB-5 Immigrant visa Investor

  1. Applicant must be at least 21 years of age.
  2. Able to provide proof of source of funds of the investment amount (USD $500,000) and service and legal costs
  3. Documents supporting the source prove that the applicant has no criminal record or immigration violations.
  4. The main applicant and the spouse have a net common of $ 1,000,000, excluding the value of the primary residence and the relevant indebtedness
  5. Or the principal income of the main applicant is $ 200,000 over the past year and current year, or the combined income of the main applicant and spouse is $ 300,000 during the past and current year. 
  6. Maintain the investment for five years.
  7. Accept that the government bans guaranteed investment returns which eliminate all investment risks.
  8. Good Health, applicants should have excellent health and must show that they do not suffer from any contagious diseases.
  9. To maintain residency status, the applicant needs to spend 6 months at least in the United States every year, and not stay out of the United States for more than 6 months at a time
  10. Maintain permanent residency in the United States.
  11. The investors must report and pay taxes on their worldwide income in the U.S.

BENEFITS OF The United States of America E2 Treaty Investor VISA RESIDENCY PROGRAM: 

  1. Good living and a first-class healthcare system.
  2. Excellent Educational.
  3. High-quality living standards.
  4. No set minimum investment required
  5. Investment capital can come from a gift, inheritance, business ownership or any other lawful activity.
  6. No pay taxes only business tax.
  7. No obligation to live in the area of investment.
  8. Inclusion of dependent children under the age of 21.
  9. Children can attend any public school or university for the same cost as US citizens.
  10. Investors and families can live, work, study, or retire anywhere in the United States.
  11. The regulations state only that the investment must be sufficient to develop a successful, non-marginal business.
  12. According to the State Department criteria, a substantial initial investment should be at least $100,000 to develop the proposed business.
  13. The E-2 investor’s spouse and children under 21 will be issued E-2 dependent visas.
  14. The E-2 spouse may apply for a work authorization based on his/her E-2 dependent visa.
  15. E-2 dependent children under 21 may attend the school of their choice in the U.S., but they do not qualify for a work visa.
  16. E-2 visa holders may stay outside the U.S. for an undetermined amount of time, and still re-enter the U.S. with their visa, as long as it is valid; 
  17. The children of E-2 visa holders qualify for in-state tuition at state universities until they cease to qualify as E-2 dependents at the age of 21.
  18. Full confidentiality in carrying out the procedures.
  19. Beautiful country, rich culture, and heritage. Different terrain of rivers, lakes, deserts,..etc. 


  1. Free to choose to live in the United States.
  2. Ability to work for any employer in any position; manage their own business, or they may retire.
  3. Unlike E-2 investors, EB-5 green card holders do not need to leave the United States at regular intervals and can manage their own business without visa restrictions.
  4. Investors and their families can enjoy the benefits of permanent residence in the United States freely.
  5. Children of the EB-5 green card holders have the freedom to work or attend a school of their choice and are eligible for scholarships and education within the state.
  6. There are no frequent concerns of visa denial for green card holders EB-5.
  7. Eligible for US citizenship after five years.

THE MAIN STEPS TO GET The United States of America RESIDENCY:

  • E2 Treaty visa application process

 Processing time for an E-2 visa: 2 – 4 weeks.


Step 1

Consult the immigration attorney; NTL immigration lawyer can review your file to determine the best course of action. Form your E2 company, you can choose to form your E2 business as LLC, corporation, or other business. Make sure you own at least 50% of E2 activity.


Step 2 

When your company is formed, the next step is to open a bank account in order to operate the E2 Company which will be an essential component for your E2 visa application.


Step 3 

Transfer of Investment Funds to the E2 Bank Account, to qualify for an E2 visa, you must make a substantial investment in the business in the United States.

By depositing funds to invest in a business account, you prove that you have made a substantial investment. You must invest at least $ 100,000 while there is no specified minimum required by regulations.


Step 4 

Spending the E2 investment Funds, you should spend money on business expenses as an E2 visa requirement, your money must be “at risk” and “irrevocably committed” to E2. 


Step 5 

Submit the E2 Petition (Either Change of Status or Visa Processing)

There are 2 options to consider:

Change of Status through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Visa Processing at the United States Consulate


  • EB5 Immigration visa application process :

Processing time for EB5 Immigration visa: 6 to 9 months.

Step 1

After the investor made the investment option of $ 500,000, NTL Immigration Attorney submits the immigrant’s application to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) on behalf of the investor. Usually, this stage takes 1 – 6 months.


Step 2

Upon approval of the initial petition, the attorney submits the file for consular processing in order to issue an immigration visa to the investor and his / her family or to adjust the status in the United States, if the investor is in the United States on a long-term visa.


Step 3

The primary Green Card is issued for two years. The investor’s lawyer must apply to remove the green card requirement before the end of the two years to qualify for a permanent green card.


Step 4

The investor must prove that the investment is still in place and that the regional center has created 10 positions for each investor, in accordance with the previously approved work plan.



To obtaining a USA residence permit as an owner of an investment business or a self-employed person is showing that the business will have positive effects on the USA economy.

E2 Treaty visa 

E2 Treaty Investor applicants should meet the following conditions:

  1. To ensure the successful operation of the project is preferred to start a substantial investment from $100,000. Registering an E2 visa with smaller levels of investment can be more difficult.
  2. The investment must be at-risk and the investor must have control of the funds. While the E2 visa holders require ownership of at least 50 percent of US business.
  3. The investor must be involved in business management, and the investment enterprise must be a real and active trading institution, working in the services and /or producing goods for profit.
  4. Enterprise E2 is not marginal. It should be possible to meet the requirements by employing a small number of staff, and the entity should have the capacity to generate this income within five years from the date of classification begins of the E-2 investor.
  5. A new business plan for business and plans to hire new employees in the United States in the future must be made.
  6. Must provide details of the work of any potential employees of the E2 investor if that will be appropriate for the investor.
  7. The main investor (and any other E2 visa employee) must be able to leave the United States once the E2 visa status ends.
  8. The investor visa in the E2 Treaty can be extended indefinitely.

EB5 Immigration visa

Formation of a new American Enterprise

To qualify for this investment option, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Invest million dollars in new work or $ 500,000 if the project in the targeted business area, including areas with high unemployment rates and low competition, at least the national average.
  2. Establish a full-time job for at least 10 US employees who must be direct employees of a business.
  3. Run the activities effectively.

Investment in a Regional Center

To qualify for this investment option, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Make an Investment of US $ 500,000.
  2. Establish a full-time job for at least 10 qualified employees in the United States (indirect employment is allowed).

Permanent green card: Year 2

  • We will submit the I-829 petition to USCIS 90 days prior to the anniversary of the date on which you first received your conditional residency.
  • Your permanent green card will be issued six to eight months from the date of submission

Citizenship: Year 5

  • After five years of legal residence from the date of receipt of the Green card, if you have been a resident of the USA for at least half of this time, you will be eligible for US citizenship and a passport.
  • You will be required to stay in the USA for a minimum of 3 months before submitting the application for citizenship.

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