St. Kitts and Nevis CIU Statement
St. Kitts and Nevis CIU Statement

St. Kitts is popular among investors seeking citizenship, so they were interested in the news of the recent St. Kitts and Nevis CIU Statement.

Here are the most important ones:

  • The CIU has asked all government-approved project developers to be reviewed.


  • As known to followers and those interested in Caribbean citizenship programs, St. Kitts announced in 2021 a limited offer for families of four, where the required donation value was $195,000, which became $150,000, and this offer was also extended until the end of 2022.
    Now that the year 2022 has ended and the offer has expired, the CIU in St. Kitts has decided to offer another promotion with a smaller reduction, so that the donation value for a family of four will be $175,000. This offer will be valid until mid-2023, and after that date, there will be no reduction.
    Currently, there is an offer valid for 6 months for a single applicant for citizenship through donation, in which they will pay $125,000 instead of $150,000.


  • To encourage investors to choose the Sustainable Growth Fund Option (SGF), the new CEO has promised to expedite the process without any additional charges.


  • The fourth point concerns the additional fees for individuals added to a citizenship application file. One of the advantages of the citizenship program by investment in St. Kitts is that the additional value of individuals is the lowest among all Caribbean countries, at $10,000 per child after the second child. However, there is now a distinction based on whether the child is under the age of 18 or not. If they are over 18, the additional value is $25,000 if the applicant chooses to obtain citizenship through donation, while if they choose real estate investment, the additional value is $15,000. However, for children under the age of 18, the price remains $10,000.


Thus, the required donation during the offer period between the first of January to the thirtieth of June are as follows:

 • US$125,000 – Main applicant
• US$150,000 – Main applicant and a spouse
• US$170,000 – Main applicant, spouse and two dependants
• US$10,000 – Each additional dependant under 18, after the second dependant.
• US$25,000 – Each additional dependant over 18, after the second dependant.


As for after the beginning of July until the end of the year, it will become as follows:

• US$150,000 – Main applicant
• US$175,000 – Main applicant and spouse
• US$195,000 – Main applicant, spouse, and two dependants
• US$10,000 – Each additional dependant under 18
• US$25,000 – Each additional dependant 18 or over

Surely, there is also the added cost of criminal background checks for children over the age of 16, which remains unchanged.



  • The final point we want to talk about is the option of obtaining citizenship through real estate investment. Previously, there was only one option, which was to invest in one of the government-approved projects for a minimum of $200,000. However, now there is a second option, which is the Private Homes Sale Option where the investor can choose the project he wants, as long as its value is not less than $400,000. However, there are details to be aware of before making this decision.


    In addition:

    $35,047 for a single applicant
    $20,047 for the spouse
    $10.047: Each additional after the second dependant under 18
    $15.047: Each additional after the second dependant over 18
    $40,000 Additional fees for Siblings

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