E-devlet Türkiye
Türkiye’s Transition to The Electronic System E-Devlet

Türkiye’s transition to the Electronic system:
Day-after-day e-government services in Türkiye contribute to facilitating the daily lives and transactions of citizens and residents by saving time and efforts. These services vary between municipal services, ministries services, issues related to judicial cases, registration procedures for exams and universities, health and social insurance procedures. Besides, patients can obtain appointments at hospitals through the Internet, in addition to the possibility of applying for unemployment aids and applying for a passport. Through this system it is also possible to submit requests to the Turkish Parliament, write to the Presidency of the Republic, and offer any point of view.
Since the launch of the “E-devlet” service in Turkey in December 2008, the site has witnessed an acceleration in demand and great registration from the Turkish subscribers. The government initially provided 22 services, then the number increased to reach two thousand and 251 services, while the number of subscribers benefiting from the services reached now more than 34 million subscribers.
The E-devlet portal allows citizens and residents to conduct many transactions without having to go to the departments and institutions concerned. This reduced bureaucracy, saved time of citizens and employees alike and transformed government institutions into paperless offices.
Some of the services provided:
E-government services are provided through various applications related to tablets and mobile devices, including:
Verify the person’s certificates registered.
Subscription or cancellation of the Gas Company, recovery of the insurance value after the termination of the subscription through the bank account.
Register foreign phones and pay their fees.
Checking and paying debts and traffic violations.
Violations recorded on the driving certificate.
Violations recorded on the vehicle number.
Social Security Debts.
Driving certificate.
Ensure that the phone line is registered in the person’s name.
Modifying the foreign certificate.
Verify home address.
Document of good conduct.
The method of subscribing is very easy, it needs only to go to one of the branches of the Turkish post, PTT, with the Turkish passport or national identity, and obtain the password according to the national or residence number, in exchange for only two Turkish pounds. These services are characterized by privacy and security, as obtaining them requires verification of the person who requested them and the identity in order to prevent tampering and misuse of private data.
Not only this, but the government also started work on converting three cities in different geographical regions into smart cities in order to facilitate the daily life of citizens, rationalize consumption, as well as provide security in the best way.
By 2023, Türkiye is expected to have three smart cities, Sakarya in the Marmara region (northwest), and Kayseri in central Anatolia, in addition to the city of Gaziantep in the southeast of the country.
The Turkish government did not exclude foreigners from these services, as it allocated a second private portal for investors to guide residents of another nationality, “your key turkey”, which is an electronic portal for foreigners, launched by the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urban Development. It is an easier way to obtain all information and advice related to Real estate, registration, legal, geographical and statistical information related to real estate in Türkiye. Information is provided on foreign ownership in general and the legal status in Türkiye, for foreigners wishing to purchase real estate or/and obtain citizenship within Türkiye.