Report about the third day of the Caribbean Summit 2019 in Grenada:
The third day of the Caribbean Summit 2019

On the third day of the Caribbean Summit for Citizenship by Investment 2019 in Grenada Island, the NTL team accompanied by several official figures, investors and developers toured the city and visited factories of chocolate, cocoa and fruit packaging plants, in the framework of the industrial activity and economic development which accrue in the island of Grenada.

In a meeting with officials from the Central Bank and officials from the Citizenship by Investment Center in the Caribbean, the participants asked about:

  •  the plan for the island?
  •  what is the extent of development in previous years in all fields: industrial – commercial – study – tourism?
  •  why the nationality of the Caribbean countries in general and Grenada, in particular, number consider a successful project in the Remote?
  •  is there a possibility of a change in the amount of donations and investment to acquire citizenship in the future?
  • what encourages the Arab investor to obtain Caribbean citizenship?

On a tour of many important real estate projects on the island, Mr. Imad Elbitar, the Citizenship Expert, spoke with several developers in the field of investment real estate projects and they discussed what facilities help and encourage investors to invest in the Caribbean islands in general and in Grenada in particular.

In an interview with NTL’s lawyer on the island, she talked about NTL’s success in this area and the government’s trust in the company, which makes NTL an ideal choice for anyone interested in Caribbean citizenship, especially after many clients visited the island after acquiring citizenship and the increasing number of applicants for citizenship during the previous years.

At the end of the tour, the participants enjoyed a party of local music and had Caribbean tea which consists of a group of herbs, with papaya leaves.