the British government revoke the validity of visa-free to Dominica
Did the British government revoke the validity of visa-free to Dominica?!

The sure news to end the controversy regarding the latest decision of the British government.

The British government issued a new decision, which provides for the imposition of a visa for all Dominica and Vanuatu nationals. However,  the decision was accompanied by rumors that raised many questions for Caribbean nationals.

In this news, we will give you the true story of imposing the visa, and the new policy of the  British government to ensure its safety.

At the beginning of the year, the UK government announced a request for an electronic travel permit for all visa-free nationals. This decision was considered a final check on the file of the investor who wishes to visit Britain, regardless of the purpose of his visit, and this decision began to be implemented with both Qatar and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. It will later include most of the Caribbean islands, whether or not they offer investment citizenship programs.

However, in its recent decision, the British government prevented both Dominica and Vanuatu nationals from entering without a visa, and the decision will be implemented after a month from the date of its issuance. The real reason behind this announcement, according to what was mentioned in a statement by the British government, is a group of abuses and loopholes that existed in the citizenship programs of both the aforementioned countries. Therefore, it withdrew its confidence and prevented its citizens from entering its lands without submitting a special visa application and studying the applicant’s file on its own.

It should be noted the difference between requesting a visa, such as what happened in Dominica and Vanuatu, and requesting an entry permit. The UK ETA, which is planned to be requested from the Caribbean islands soon, and you can learn about the difference between them through the following link: