Top Ten Residency By Investment Programs for 2020
The World’s Top Ten Residency By Investment Programs for 2020

The residency by investment programs, who are interested in obtaining an investment residency? What are the benefits and what are the best countries for obtaining their Investment Residency?

What are the costs, and why do they differ from one country to another? Is it due to the location of the state or the amount of the investment, or is it only subject to government estimates in this regard?

Could the investment residency be a way to obtain citizenship and what are the conditions and requirements? And what is the situation of the investor’s family in the midst of all this?

Today, obtaining an investment residency is not an entertainment thing but an urgent need. In light of the turbulent conditions in the whole world, establishing a business, travelling to Europe and moving freely within the European Union or moving to other countries and obtaining safe and stable investment become very difficult. Investors and businessmen are seriously suffering to develop their businesses outside their countries have. Not to mention the obsession with securing their families, educating their children, and ensuring their future as borders and nationalities stand as an obstacle in their way.

In addition, there are the Global changing economic conditions the world is going through, which has led to governments offering various programs and making fundamental amendments to their investment laws and legislations to facilitate them and make them more flexible, competitive and able to attract investors to their countries from around the world.

Most countries around the world offer quick residency permits for foreign investors in return to invest in the country’s local business or property. With Britain voting to leave the European Union last June, the world’s rich people began to search for another country to enter European markets to work and freedom of movement in the union, according to The Independent.

The following is a list of some of the countries that offer the best residency by investment programs and the easiest way to obtain it, according to the amount of investment:

1. Investment Residency in Spain:

Spain is one of the most desirable places in the world to live in due to the good standard of living and the fact that the health care system is first-class in addition to the distinct climate throughout the year. The investment residency program in Spain guarantees to both the investor and members of his family who have not exceeded 18 years the freedom of movement in Schengen countries.

Spain grants a “golden visa” in exchange for an investment of no less than 500.000 euros, and the residence permit is issued in no less than 3 months and renewed every two years, and it allows at a later stage to apply for citizenship. After five years of obtaining the “golden visa”, the holder can apply for permanent residency, and after ten years, the investor is entitled to apply for citizenship.

2. Investment Residency in Portugal:

Portugal and Spain are similar in the matter of the “Golden Visa” for the purpose of obtaining permanent residency for themselves and for their family members under the age of 21, in exchange for an investment of at least 500.000 euros. The investment residency in Portugal guarantees freedom of movement in the Schengen countries, and the holders can obtain permanent residency after five years of purchasing a property or transferring the investment amount to a Portuguese bank.

It is characterized by that there are no language requirements, a specific age, or even management and business experience.

3. Investment Residency in the USA:

Under the permanent US residency program, applicants can choose one of two methods:

  • Applying for the E-2 visa by doing private investment work between $ 100 and $ 150.000, with quick approval within 6 weeks, but obtaining this residency is limited to 52 countries including Turkish citizens and Grenada Island from the Caribbean. The residency has a good standard of living, education for children in American schools and universities until the age of 21 and access to a family-friendly health care system and the applicant’s spouse can obtain a work permit.
  • The second option for the investor is to apply for an EB-5 visa, or what is known as a Green Card, with a value starting from $ 900.000 and it needs at least 9 months for approval. The investor enjoys permanent residency for him and his family who can study and apply for government scholarships in American universities, they can work without any obstacles, and after five years they can apply for American citizenship.

4. Investment Residency in Greece:

The investor can invest in an immovable property that has a positive impact on the growth of the national economy, without any need to stay in the country.

The investor and his family members under the age of 21, in addition to the parents, can obtain a renewable residency permit for a period of five years, by owning properties starting from 250.000 euros. The Residency by investment in Greece allows him to travel freely and move in all European countries and the Schengen area, in addition, to the benefits of the distinguished level and low-cost education compared to the rest of the European countries.

The residency transaction considers fast, as it is issued within two months as a minimum, but it requires the investor to be present to start the procedures and pay the fees.

5. Investment Residency in Germany:

In the past, businessmen and investors, in order to obtain residency in Germany, had to establish a company or open a branch of an old company outside Germany with a minimum capital starting at 250.000 euros. Now Germany raised this requirement and there is no longer a minimum investment but left the issue open to the Immigration Management Committee in the region to assess the type of investment, and if the government consider it as a good and beneficial project for the region and the investment owner commits to pay the taxes due on him, then the investor and his family can obtain the residency for a period of two or three years. After six years they can apply for German citizenship with the availability of some other conditions such as language.

6. Investment Residency in Malta:

Malta, the jewel of the Mediterranean Sea, with a moderate climate and charming Mediterranean nature, as it is ranked the fifth in the world in terms of the medical care system. The investor can apply for Malta with an investment starting from 250.000 euros and with a pledge not to sell for 5 years, and there is no need for proficiency in language or a certain level of study.

The residency transaction takes not less than 7 months, after which the investor and his family till the fourth degree benefit from freedom of movement in the Schengen countries, and from the good-level education and the right to join high-end universities.

7. Investment Residency in Canada:

Canada, as a Commonwealth country, enjoys a high level of living, so it is considered a destination and target for many investors around the world. Canada has many investment residency programs that differ in their costs, access times, features, and results. Investment in Canada starts from $ 850.000 in general, but there are some exceptions, such as the start-up program, in which the investor submits an investment project that benefits the Canadian state while fulfilling a number of requirements and conditions in the size and quality of the investment determined by the relevant committees. The cost of this program starts from $ 180.000. The investor can include family members of age up to 21 years. Accordingly, he will obtain a residency of 5 years, renewable according to certain conditions, and qualify for Canadian citizenship in a condition of residing in Canada for a period of 3 consecutive years.

8. Investment Residency in Albania:

Albania is located in Europe, but it is not a member of the European Union, although it is a candidate to join it in the coming years. Albania is a suitable country for investing, living and studying. In addition to its beautiful nature and mild weather, its nice people, it is a developing country that contains many important opportunities for investment.

Investors can obtain residency in Albania easily by establishing a company and starting a business with a small amount of money, and after obtaining the residency, the family members can join together and five years later they can apply for Albanian citizenship.

9. Investment Residency in the UK:

The United Kingdom offers many investment programs to attract foreign investors.

Investors who own companies outside the UK can obtain residency in the United Kingdom by establishing a branch, according to the terms and requirements of the residency program, where the investors are required to own a company outside the UK for a period of no less than five years. After fulfilling the required conditions, the branch manager will obtain residency for a period of three years, which can be extended for two years, then, after six years he can apply for the British citizenship. The manager family can benefit from the excellent education in the UK and the ability of the spouse to work as well.

10. Investment Residency in Türkiye:

There are several types of residencies in the Turkish Republic, which make travel from and to Türkiye easier for businessmen and investors.

The most important of which are the investment residency, real estate and work residency, which by obtaining one of them the investor can apply for the Turkish citizenship after spending the required legal period.

As for the investor residency, it is restricted to the investor who wishes to obtain Turkish citizenship, whereas, for the work residence, it does not depend on a certain amount of investment, it is required to establish a company and start an effective commercial activity in Türkiye where the work permit is routinely extracted annually with low costs. After five years, the investor can apply to obtain Turkish citizenship for him and his family.

Türkiye is classified, in terms of establishing companies, opening bank accounts, obtaining and renewal residencies, as one of the easiest countries in regards to the costs, processors speed and documents issue.

It is worth mentioning that before making an investment decision in a particular country, it is necessary for the investor to consult a trustable company to clearly define his goal of investment and define the priorities.

Does he seek freedom of movement between countries, job opportunities, or economic and tax stability, or his family’s education and future, or the lifestyle!!!

Therefore, NTL provides the optimal advice to the investor with an experience of more than 25 years, the efficiency of its advisors and attorneys that exist in the mentioned countries who prepare and review the required papers and follow up the transactions until the investor receives his investment residency card. Those new countries will, after a while, be a second home for the investor and his family.

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