Naguib Sawiris Grenada نجيب ساويرس غرينادا
Naguib Sawiris launches a second Project in Grenada

With the participation of International businessman “Naguib Sawiris”, the Prime Minister of Grenada Dr. Keith Mitchell inaugurated a new investment site, Beach House By The Silversands Hotel.

The location of the hotel will be close to the capital, and 30 individual rooms will be built in addition to taking into account the characteristics of nature in the area.

With rooms overlooking directly on the beach, the hotel is a suitable and luxurious place for a long vacation.

Naguib Sawiris lunch a second Project in Grenada

Where investors will be able to buy the shares of the developer and get a full yield on their investment for not less than 5 years to keep the shares.

Selling will start in June 2021 until December 2022, which is the expiration date.

The opening was attended by our strategic and exclusive partner in Egypt, Mr Sherif Fakhry Younes, Vice President of MidWest

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The minimum investment amount is $ 220,000, and if the investor chooses to obtain citizenship by investing in Grenada with his wife and 2 children, he will not have to pay additional “investment” costs for their participation in the citizenship program, which is approved by the Grenada government.

It is reported that the nationality holder from Grenada has access to more than 140 countries with a passport from Grenada, including Europe`s Schengen area, the United Kingdom, Singapore, China and Hong Kong without the need to apply for a visit visa in advance.

In addition to an opportunity to obtain an International Treaty visa (E2) for the United States of America (investor residency).

The Grenada passport is ranked 33rd in the world’s passports.