UAE Green Visa
Green Visa in UAE, longer stay & more facilities

Recently, the UAE has started receiving applications for Green Visas/residence permits.
As part of an ongoing effort to create new opportunities and attract a larger audience of investors and entrepreneurs, the UAE has introduced a new visa that allows its holder to reside in Dubai for 5 years, with the possibility of renewal. For some, it will be the most appropriate alternative than obtaining residency by investment in it.
This residence permit is aimed three different categories: Professionals, Self-Employed and Independent Investors.
Two things that distinguish this visa are the facilitation of family reunification and it is also a residence that does not require a sponsor.

We can summarize the cost of the UAE Green Visa in three main points:

  • Green visa fee is AED 2,280.
  • Identification card fee is AED 575.
  • Medical fees are AED 329.
  • In addition to administration and legal Fees.

With UAE Green Visa, the United Arab Emirates is opening its doors to a broader category of investors. Especially those who want to set up their own projects in the Middle East region.
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