Germans customs and traditions
Germans, their customs and traditions

Each people have their customs and culture that distinguish them. So if you are a fan of Germany and are thinking of obtaining residency there; we will guide you on the most important customs and traditions of the Germans.

1. Self-reliance:

Germans are very self-reliant in all affairs; the motto can suit them: If you want something good, do it yourself!

2. Precision and perfection:

They always strive, in all aspects of life, to make everything perfect, and with great accuracy.

3. Planning:

Sticking to the agenda, the agreements made and planning everything carefully are the hallmarks of working life in Germany. You can also note that in employment they depend on the experience and competence of the person at work, apart from anything else such as communication skills and dealing with colleagues.

4. Germans are interested in time:

And employ it with hard work and commit to it with great focus. The number of working hours in Germany is the lowest in Europe, but they are the most productive, which is confirmed by their progress and development in the world of business, technologies, medicine, industry, most notably the automobile industry, and other fields.

5. Holidays and vacations planning is no less important than planning for work:

The German knows where, when and how he will spend his vacation a year ahead of time, they love to travel, and learn about different civilizations and cultures.

6. Germans do not mix personal life with professional life:

They set boundaries between them, it is not appropriate to continue the business discussion when you are going to a dinner party for example with a colleague.

7. Hospitality and gift:

They are hospitable people and love and honour the guest, and it would be nice of you to bring a gift because they love it.

8. Frankness:

You will notice their distance from compliments and their preference for a clear and frank way of speaking without excuses and justifications.

9. Speak politely and respectfully:

Frankness never means overstepping the etiquette of speech. What is most striking is that they speak respectfully with anyone, even if someone was a criminal in court. You will see the judge speak to him respectfully. They use words of thanks a lot, even for the simplest things, they teach this to their children. When someone offends them, they will not return it to him, but they will take their right through the judiciary.

10. Justice and respect the rules and laws:

Germans are very fair people; which leads them to largely abide by laws to maintain justice among the people. Respectifor Megastoresand hypermarketing the rules and laws and their application everywhere are essential.

11. Be careful before greeting your German friend:

Because it is considered a bad omen to congratulate someone on his birthday ahead of his time.

12. Germans prefer Mega stores, hypermarket:

With a restaurant upstairs, a coffee shop downstairs, and of course the sausage (bratwurst) shops that stand out in the foreground. We will know why below.

13. Germans & Absolute fidelity to sausage (bratwurst):

Germans can always enjoy a sausage meal, no matter the time, no matter the place. They must drip sauce on themselves.

14. Popular festivals:

Such as the day of the unification of East Germany with West Germany on the 3ed of October, which is one of the most important feasts for the Germans. There is also a celebration called the Oktoberfest, which lasts for 16 or 18 days; it is an old traditional celebration dating back to 1810.

15. Their pride in being Germans does not lose the trait of openness and acceptance of all peoples:

In the end what they are most famous for is their openness, acceptance of others, and their boundless pride in their affiliation and their language.