Germany and the Residency By Investment


Germany Residency by investment

Germany or Deutschland as Germans call it where is the largest country in Europe where located in the Center of Europe, Berlin is the capital and Germany’s largest city.


Germany has a rich distinctive history and culture which gained it due to the border countries that have greatly influenced the language, culture, and life.

Germany is one of the most influential countries economically, politically, and even commercially. Moreover, Germany ranks second internationally in fields of medicine, Engineering, and technology. On the side of education and health care, German is characterized by linking technology to its educational and medical systems; which is why it has the most powerful systems in the world.

Besides it is home of many famous and important trademarks in different fields either in medical equipment, automobiles & engines, medicines… etc. 


The people of Germany love to celebrate and get together, especially during carnival season, at wine festivals, Oktoberfest, football matches and other beer festivals.


Investment criteria:

Applicants can grant Germany permanent residency by:

  • Making an investment business.

Application criteria

  1. Valid passport 
  2. Able to provide proof of the source of funds.
  3. Proof of employment 
  4. Documents supporting the source proof that the applicant has no criminal record.
  5. Curriculum Vitae (CV) – professional career- qualification certificates – the references.
  6. proficient in German in at least a B1 level
  7. Obtained German health insurance
  8. Proof of residence — your address registration
  9. Completed residence permit application form
  10. Application fee, depending on the complexity of your case
  11. All relevant birth and marriage certificates pertaining to the applicant, spouse and dependents.



  1. Easy access to EU Schengen countries.
  2.  Good living and a first class healthcare system.
  3. Excellent Educational.
  4. Safety, Germany is a peaceful and politically stable country.
  5. High quality living standards.
  6. Full confidentiality in carrying out the procedures.
  7. Beautiful country, rich culture and heritage. Different terrain of rivers, lakes, mountains, farms, etc., 
  8. Lowest crime rate in Europe.



The process may be simplified into the following steps:


Step 1

Register your German address; the first requirement in order to reside in Germany is to register your new German address with the authorities, and you must fulfill it in order to be eligible for a residence permit. (Not registering the address lead to getting fine and the permit might be denied). 

Step 2

After you complete your registration, you will get a certificate which must attach to the application.

Step 3

Issue a Health Insurance; Germany requires you to Issue a Health Insurance before applying for the residence permit.   

Step 4: 

Bank Account; open a German bank account and transfer your funds, then you get the financial bank statements to prove you can support yourself and your family financially.

Step 5

Fill the application form and set an appointment.

STEP 6: 

Attend your appointment (either at the immigration office in Germany or Germany consulate in your country or residence place) and have an interview to check your application document, if everything is fine you will be asked to wait till the process is finished in order getting the residence permit.


The residence permit request takes around two months to be processed then you will get your residence permit.


To obtaining a German residence permit as an owner of investment business or a self-employed person is showing that the business will have positive effects on the German economy.

  1. Business investors can grant a residence permit through founding a German company with a minimum amount of EUR 250,000.


Applicants who able to apply:

  • Foreign entrepreneurs : establish a business in Germany
  • Foreign entrepreneurs :  establish an overseas branch
  • Freelancers
  • Legal representatives of business who are not working under an employee-status.


  1. Foreign investors qualify for a long-term “D” visa and temporary residence permit after business investment in Germany. The residence permits usually for two or three years. It’s not required to reside permanently in Germany but the investor needs to visit Germany once a year at least.
  2. Once this has been granted, the holders are able to leave and re-enter Germany and Schengen countries without limitation. 
  3. After the business has been effectively productive for three years, applicants and dependents are eligible for an unlimited permanent residence permit. 
  4. After 6 years of obtaining a legal residence in Germany, you can apply for citizenship with certain additional conditions for German language and culture which applied to this process.
  5. Regard to residency and citizenship, the applicant can include the family members in the program.

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