Germans Habits their Social Life & Food
Germany Guide – Part 4 / Germans Habits, their Social Life & Food

In Germany Guide – Part 4 we will talk about: Habits of German People, their Social Life and Food.

  • Habits of German People and Social Manners:

Habits of German People and Social Manners:

Although the way of life in Germany is dominated by diversity and openness to others, the German people are a bit conservative at first towards foreigners. They are hospitable, honest, and trustworthy people. Moreover, they honour the guest and exchange gifts and kind words of thanks with him.

True friendships take time in Germany between citizens and newcomers. But this does not mean that the people are not friendly or cooperative; but relationships remain superficial as in school, university, or work friendships.

As a result of the influx of many foreigners to Germany in recent years; the government has resorted to adopting renewed policies to integrate them. It organized integration courses that included teaching the German language, and introducing the culture, customs, and traditions of German society.

It is worth noting that there are many assemblies; in other words; associations for every aspect and activity in Germany. These associations offer great opportunities for the integration of foreigners through hobbies and activities, such as music, singing, small gardens, animal husbandry, or various sports.

As for the customs of the German people, which you must study well if you want to integrate with them; the most important of which is their discipline, commitment to time, and laws. Furthermore, their love for work, travel, and their language are unique. We have already discussed this topic (click here to read). The funny thing is their great love for the sun, as the sun in Germany is rare. That is why it is very normal to find your German neighbour sunbathing in the garden on a bright day.

  • Social Life & Food:

Social Life & Food

The way of life is somewhat comfortable in Germany, which makes it a suitable place for families to live in. Everyone adheres to the laws and customs, and violating them is not desirable. For example; you must adhere to the pedestrian line when crossing the street. Also, you must cross when you see the green light only, even if the road is empty.

As for shopping, it has a feature in Germany. Sunday is the day designated for shopping and the opening of stores. While only a few open during weekdays, and most of them close at eight o’clock.

Regarding family activities or the activities of friends outside the city; it is useful to know that forests cover 32% of German territory. Moreover, the forest is a sacred place for Germans as they love to spend their leisure time there with their children. The forest also takes an important part in the activities of children in the nursery and school stages.

As for the popular food in Germany; German cuisine is not diverse compared to its Italian or French counterpartsfavourite, especially from the point of view of the resident in Germany coming from abroad. However, German food is rich and delicious, and every country has a traditional dish that is famous for it. You have the Entewive soup filled with vegetables, the Spatzel dish consisting of pasta and meat, and the Mulatchen. We can never forget to mention sausages; as it is the favorite meal of adults and children and are appropriate at all times. Furthermore, you will find a place to sell them in at least one area. It is also used in large malls to attract customers, you can always find a booth of sausage at the gate of any mall.

Germany is famous for a variety of desserts and pies as well, such as Apple pie, Peach cream pie, Raspberry pie, and Pretzel cake.

In the next Germany guide, we will talk about the German language, its origins and other interesting information that you will know for the first time.