Bosco Istanbul Conference
Summary of the Bosco Istanbul Conference 2023

Bosco Istanbul Conference, Invest Pro, hosted Investors from over the world. It was held in Istanbul, Türkiye on the 23rd of May. The main objective of this conference is to create an effective platform for all entrepreneurs to cooperate, exchange ideas and see the latest information. It is also a valuable opportunity to establish a network of relationships with investors and companies interested in the field of investment and targeting new clients.

What are the main topics discussed at the Bosco Istanbul Conference?

Through the Bosco conference, many services and products of interest to every investor were promoted, targeting new customers and building a point of contact with stakeholders in order to increase brand awareness and enhance the presence of participating companies.

The topics varied and many proposals were put forward on investment projects, the concept of wealth management and banking services. In addition to the concept of taxation and asset protection, through interactive workshops, discussion sessions and media seminars. Through these dialogues, the guests were able to learn about the latest projects, industrial ideas and methods of their practice. Among the most important seminars presented at the BOSCO conference:

  • Caribbean citizenship by investment.
  • A comparison of the citizenship-by-investment program in Türkiye with its counterparts from the five Caribbean island countries, presented by Mr. Imad Elbitar, an expert on nationalities and investment residencies.
  • The golden visa for the United Arab Emirates.
  • Investment and residence opportunities in Greece.
  • Investment opportunities in Portugal, visas and tax system.
  • Obtaining the EU golden visa through real estate investment in Greece.
Mr Imad with Mr Nicholas Stevens

What are the themes of Mr. Imad Elbitar’s symposium at the Bosco Istanbul Conference?

Among the various seminars and lectures at the conference, Mr. Imad Elbitar, Managing Partner in the Middle East of NTL, gave a valuable lecture that won the admiration of the investment pioneers at the conference. As for the main topic of the lecture delivered by Mr. Imad, it is to compare the citizenship by investment in Türkiye with its counterparts The five Caribbean islands that give citizenship by investment, and among the most important points mentioned in the Bosco Conference:

  • Many detailed information about citizenship by  investment programs in both Türkiye and the Caribbean, in terms of the pros and cons and ways to obtain them. He also elaborated on the advantages that the citizenship holder will enjoy from both programs.
  • It was also noted that NTL is a company approved and licensed by governments that offer second citizenship  by investment programs, in addition to clarifying its role in promoting second passport concepts in the Middle East and the world.

What is the Bosco Conference?

It is a distinguished conference in organizing specialized meetings in the field of entrepreneurship. It was launched about 16 years ago and achieved the following statistics:

  • Organizing more than 200 conferences around the world.
  • Participation of more than 3,000 speakers and lecturers.
  • More than 60 thousand participants attended.

What are the objectives of the BOSCO Conference:

  • Finding practical solutions for commercial companies.
  • Provide ways to set up a new company.
  • Ways to open a bank account.
  • Providing investments and services related to wealth management.
  • Advice related to real estate investment and banking services.

In conclusion, the Bosco Istanbul Conference succeeded in presenting an experience full of benefits that includes all fields of investment and second citizenship, and includes investors from all over the world and creates many business opportunities.