Webinar on Residency in Paraguay and Uruguay
Webinar on Residency in Paraguay and Uruguay

LatAm Unveiled: Paraguay and Uruguay Residency

Date & Time
Dec 8, 2023 18:00 in Istanbul
Language: English
Via Zoom


Join NTL Trust for a comprehensive webinar that delves into South America, addresses common misconceptions, and highlights the appeal of Paraguay and Uruguay as hidden gems.

Discover the Advantages of Uruguay Residency, including its prime second home opportunities, excellent Plan A with a short processing time, and its urban, socially progressive environment.

Explore the Advantages of Paraguay Residency, known as the ultimate Plan B, with opportunities for international business and no requirement for actual residency.

Learn about the Documents and Process of Obtaining Residence in Paraguay, with detailed steps and required documentation and procedures.

Discover Additional Services and Benefits, including obtaining a tax ID number, proof of address, and driver’s license. We offer services that simplify the process and enhance your experience.

Find out if It’s Possible to Obtain Citizenship and Passport in the future as we explore the path to citizenship in Paraguay, weighing the Pros and Cons. We also explore the path to citizenship in Uruguay.

Our webinar will help you discover and compare the freedom advantages of Paraguay and Uruguay residency programs..

Meet our local on-the-ground experts who will present the programs and use our Q&A session to get your questions answered.