Angels of Mercy, are invited to Germany

Angels of Mercy, are invited to Germany NTL

A golden opportunity for Angels of Mercy to develop themselves and to secure a better life for their families as well in one of the best European countries for living and work. If you are a recent graduate nurse or have experience in this field then the door is now open for you to enter the German hospitals and health centers.

Germany is currently suffering from a shortage of skilled workers in some fields. As a result, from the beginning of 2020, the German government has made a fundamental amendment to the visa laws to provide great facilities for manpower and foreign academics to obtain work permits or Job seekers visa to attract them to Germany.

Whereas, this deficiency appears in the medical field and the free professions in general and in the nursing field in particular. Therefore, the government has put forward facilitated work programs to attract nurses from different countries of the world with their families and provide the health and medical sector in Germany with cadres that it lacks.

NTL International, with its branch office in Germany, has taken precedence in identifying this program directly and also cooperating with many prestigious hospitals in Germany. Therefore, NTL experts and advisors receive through the offices in Germany and around the world the requests of nurses who wish to fulfil their dream of working in German hospitals and developing their career.

Program Features:

  • A distinguished opportunity to work in the best hospitals in the world, with high experience and the possibility of developing scientifically and professionally.
  • Obtaining a legal work contract with a monthly salary that guarantees a decent life for the nurse and her family.
  • The possibility of joining the nurse’s family (husband and children) after the certificate is recognized in Germany, after which the husband can also get a job there.
  • Having a salary of not less than 2000 euros in the trial period increases after the certificate is recognized and the end of the trial period.
  • Obtaining additional income from overtime hours, night shifts or on holidays without being subject to taxes.
  • Obtaining health insurance for the nurse and her family members on the guarantee of the hospital where she works.
  • The possibility of completing studies and practical development in Germany’s most prestigious universities and institutes.
  • The right to free education for the nurse’s children in German schools.
  • Obtaining permanent residency after 3 years working in Germany.
  • The possibility of applying for German citizenship after 3 years of obtaining permanent residency.

Conditions required for the program:

  • The nurse must obtain a university degree or an institute specialized in nursing from a recognized university and no experience is required in the field.
  • Obtaining the B1 level in the German language in the home country in one of the recognized language institutes, and language requirements in Germany can be met according to special conditions.
  • Success in the required examination for initial recognition of the certificate.
  • A work contract from a German hospital.

  Places where nurses most needed:

The regions of southern Germany – the city of Frankfurt.

What does NTL offer?

NTL Company receives the applications for this program by its office located in Germany, and through its branches in 12 countries around the world. In this framework the nurse signs the contract with NTL and the last does the following:

  • Provide the nurse with all the required documents and certificates needed for this program to be prepared and certified by government departments, ministries and embassies in the home country.
  • Prepare, translate and certify the required documents from German government agencies.
  • Submit application with the required documents and completed certificates to the relevant government agencies.
  • Provide the nurse with the work contract in a German hospital.
  • Providing assistance with visa issuance and travel procedures for the nurse first and later for her family members.
  • Provide assistance regarding an adequate housing for the nurse, taking into account comfort and proximity to the workplace.
  • Obtain residency for the nurse and arranging for her legal status in all official German government departments.
  • Provide assistance in opening a bank account, health insurance procedures, and certificate recognition transactions that last for at least 8 months.
  • Apply for German permanent residency, and after that, for the German citizenship, after completing the required legal period.

Consequently, if you are a nurse graduated from a nursing college or institute and you own the required specifications, and see in this offer an opportunity for you to achieve your dreams and aspirations and secure the future of your family, then what are you waiting for!!!

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