Report about the first and the second days of the Caribbean Summit 2019 in Grenada
The first and the second days of the Caribbean Summit 2019

It’s an amazing experience to have a second passport that gives you access to an infinite world of possibilities. The Caribbean Summit 2019 is an important event held every year, and helps people those who intend to undertake international migration and acquire a second citizenship understand this area.

This event, which took place, on 1/5th DEC, brought together people with experience and common interests to share their experiences in this field. The main purpose of this event is to facilitate better communication between professionals and experts and interested people.

The summit started on the first of December, with the participation of investors, businessmen and politicians at the Radisson Grenada Beach Resort Hotel and a simple cocktail party in the evening to get acquainted with NTL.

The second day witnessed the presence of international speakers from the United States, Europe, the Middle East and the Caribbean from various sectors, discussed the banks financing for investment projects approved by CIP, banking affairs, risk management and cybersecurity, cryptocurrencies and real estate, blockchain technology in the Eastern Caribbean and others.

Banking experts, including the director of Grenada Co-operative Bank at the 2019 Caribbean Summit, answered key questions about investor and financial residency and explained the mechanism for opening an account at Caribbean banks.

The Dean of St George’s University delivered a lecture on education in Caribbean countries followed by the Roundtable in the presence of NTL to talk about developments in the Citizenship by Investment program in general, followed by a lecture from the representative of Vanuatu who also introduced the Citizenship by Investment program.

Finally, there was a lecture by the citizenships expert, Mr. Imad Elbitar, on the topic of Citizenship by Investment in Turkey, and ways of obtaining it, and mentioned the advantages of the Turkish citizenship and the services provided by NTL in this field.

International speakers accompanied by the expert of nationalities and citizenship

International speakers accompanied by the expert on nationalities and citizenship Mr. Imad Elbitar discuss developments in the citizenship program by investing in global programs: Vanuatu, Turkey, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia and Cyprus.