PVIP program in Malaysia
Starting work on the PVIP program in Malaysia

At the beginning of last October, the work on the PVIP program in Malaysia started.

Malaysian Interior Minister Datuk Seri Hamza Al Din announced the start of work on the PVIP program in early October, through a press conference held on the first of last September. In which the Minister of Interior stressed the importance of this visa to the country’s economy, improving national income, and providing job opportunities for the people in Malaysia. Given that this residency targets senior businessmen and attracts them to invest in its lands within a studied rate that does not exceed 1% of the indigenous population, and aims to receive 1,000 applications during the first year.

 It is worth noting that Malaysia used to operate under a visa system called MM2H, but the new visa is better at various levels, especially for those who want to study or invest there. Another advantage that can be obtained from the PVIP program is that it is open to all ages, unlike its predecessor, which was keen that the applicant must be over the age of 35.