Corona changes the way to apply for citizenship in Grenada
Corona changes the way to apply for citizenship in Grenada

Coronavirus struck the whole world, and all accelerated to limit its spread to protect its citizens, and as part of the successive efforts by the Grenada government to keep abreast of developments related to the spread of the virus, the Citizenship by Investment Unit has taken the decision to suspend the receipt of hard copies of files from the date of Friday 20 March 2020 until further notice or until the implementation of the CBI Management Online Information System platform. They are planning to have the online platform rolled out by March 31/2020, with confirmation that the Citizenship by Investment Unit in Grenada continues to work on the submitted applications without delay.

It is noteworthy that the island of Grenada announced the first laboratory-confirmed case of COVID-19 was diagnosed on March 22, 2020, and the patient is now in isolation to prevent the potential spread of the disease and is already moving to isolate and monitor several others, who were in close contact with the patient. There aren’t any death cases so far.

As the State of Grenada continues to aggressively monitor its ports and implement additional stringent methods to further strengthen precautionary measures, the public is urged to follow the safety advice and guidance of the Ministry of Health. The Island will go into a limited State of Emergency for the next 21 days as the government seeks to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

With Grenada now in the first stage of its response to COVID-19, Health Minister Nicholas Steele assured citizens that this situation “leads us to a new stage, which is to make sure that this disease does not spread inside our shores.”

Grenada is known as one of the Commonwealth countries that follow the British Crown and has the strongest program of second citizenship by investment.

Grenada citizenship allows entry to more than 140 countries including the Schengen countries in Europe, the United Kingdom, Singapore, China and Hong Kong visa-free. It also allows the investor to obtain an E2 visa to the United States of America (investor residency) as the passport from Grenada is ranked 35th among the passports of the world.

Grenada citizenship by investment program is distinguished as the only program in the world that accepts the addition of the applicant’s brothers in the same application in addition to the father, mother, grandfather and grandmother of both the applicant and the spouse, and the most important feature is that it allows the inclusion of the investor’s children up to the age of 30 years.