5 Delicious Recipes in the Caribbean
5 Delicious Recipes in the Caribbean

Traditional cuisine occupies an important place in life in the Caribbean islands. Some of these Caribbean national dishes are everyday staple foods and some are eaten only on special occasions. Some Caribbean national dishes have been around for hundreds of years, and others are new recipes. Whether old or new, Caribbean food is not only colorful but filled with flavors that engage all of your senses.

National Dishes of the Caribbean:

1- National Dish of Antigua & Barbuda:

National Dish of Antigua & Barbuda

Fungee & Pepperpot The national dish of Antigua & Barbuda is fungee and pepperpot. Fungee is the local name for cornmeal which is prepared as a breakfast meal or main entrée. Fungee is cornmeal with okra, cooked in salted water and boiled to a paste. Pepperpot is a combination of a variety of meats, especially salted beef, and pigtail, and includes crushed vegetables such as spinach, eggplant, okra, onions, spices & seasonings, boiled to a soupy finish.

2- National Dish of Dominica:

National Dish of Dominica

Formerly Mountain Chicken now Callaloo Soup The national dish of Dominica was mountain chicken. However, as mountain chicken is now an endangered frog species, callaloo soup has become the national dish of Dominica. Callaloo soup is a combination of leafy vegetables such as spinach or dasheen mixed in with seasonings, provisions, meat, and coconut milk.

3- National Dish of Grenada:

National Dish of Grenada

Oil Down The national dish of Grenada is oil down. It’s a hearty one-pot meal of salted meat, chicken, dumplings, breadfruit, and callaloo – made from young dasheen leaves and other vegetables. The whole thing is stewed in coconut milk, herbs and spices to add even more flavour.

4- National Dish of Saint Kitts & Nevis:

National Dish of Saint Kitts & Nevis

Stewed Salt Fish with Dumplings, Spicy Plantains and Breadfruit The national dish of Saint Kitts & Nevis is stewed saltfish with dumplings accompanied by spicy plantains and breadfruit. Hearty flavours come together in this meal with stewed saltfish, and coconut dumplings served alongside spicy ripe plantains, and seasoned breadfruit, boiled in chicken broth.

5- National Dish of Saint Lucia:

National Dish of Saint Lucia

The national dish of Saint Lucia is green figs and saltfish. Green figs also known as green bananas are boiled or stewed and served with salt fish. This is prepared most often as a breakfast meal.