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Serbia is one of the largest European cities in the Balkans area. It has one of the largest cities in south-eastern Europe; Belgrade is the capital of the city.

Serbia is a candidate for the European Union. Its opportunities are encouraged due to the high human development index, a comprehensive health system, and the increasing proportion of educated. The economically recorded high rates of development with the services sector dominating the economic activity, followed by the industrial sector and agriculture.

The Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes was formed in 1918. Its name was changed to Yugoslavia in 1929. Yugoslavia joined the United Nations (UN) as an original member in 1945. By 1992, it had been effectively dissolved into five independent states (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia), which were all subsequently admitted to the United Nations.

The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, whose name later changed to the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro, was admitted to the United Nations on 1 November 2000. The state union effectively came to an end after Montenegro’s formal declaration of independence on 3 June 2006.

The IMF projects that Serbia’s real gross domestic product (GDP) will grow by 3.5% in 2018.

Investment criteria:

Applicants under the Serbian Residency Programme must choose one of the potential routes :

  • Make a business investment in Serbia; or
  • Buy an approved real estate with a deed restriction not able to sell for 3 years.

Application criteria

  1. Filled out the request form.
  2. Proof of paid fees.
  3. A copy of the passport.
  4. Two personal photographs.
  5. Medical certificate (issued from the Serbian Medical Society),
  6. Certificate or other education documents (a copy – an original & authorized translation).
  7. Birth Certificate (a copy – an original & authorized translation).
  8. Marriage Certificate.
  9. A copy of the divorce judgment of the previous marriage (of both spouses).
  10. A copy of children’s Birth Certificates.
  11. Able to provide proof of source of funds.
  12. Certificate on employment of applicant and of a spouse with salary data.
  13. A copy of the record book.
  14. Proof of ownership, lease, or another basis of dwelling

Benefits of Serbia Residency Program:

  1. Easy access to EN countries.
  2. Serbia is an official future candidate for EU membership and a full member of UN and WTO organizations.
  3. Serbia has the cheapest taxation in Europe with only 10%
  4. No double taxation in Serbia
  5. Tax policies are flexible and non-restrictive.
  6. Cheap cost of living and a first-class healthcare system.
  7. If 51% of your products are produced in Serbia, you can export them to Russia and Europe free of tax!
  8. Full confidentiality in carrying out the procedures.

Economy Investment


To qualify for acquiring the Serbia residency through real estate option  (flat, house, country) in Serbian starting price from 10,000 EUR. The price of the real estate in which a client invests is not limited in any way and there is no minimum amount of investment.

  • Company Formation

By forming a company, you do not need to invest in Serbia in order to get a residence permit. It is allowed to form a company with yourself as the only employee. The client signs the working contract with his company, which proves that the source of his livelihood is in Serbia.

As a resident of Serbia, you will get different treatment from banks or other processing because you will be treated as a Serbian national. Of course, Non-residents have more difficulties in dealing with banks as well as government agencies. Obtaining residence is fast and straightforward.

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