Nevis International Trusts
Nevis International Trusts, one of the strongest asset protection funds in the world

Nevis International Trust Funds has been able to be a primary destination for wealth owners looking to protect assets from creditors. Today’s article is about these funds, their types and advantages that made them one of the most powerful asset protection funds around the world.

What are Nevis International Trusts?

When was the Nevis Asset Protection Fund established?

What are the types of trusts in Nevis?

What are the advantages of Nevis International Trusts?

Why are Nevis asset protection funds recommended?

What are Nevis International Trusts?

It is one of the types of offshore funds that are subject to the laws of the island of Nevis in the Caribbean islands. This type of fund is often relied upon for the purpose of protecting assets and real estate planning, because it is characterized by privacy, confidentiality, and flexibility of dealing.

When was the Nevis Asset Protection Fund created?

The Nevis Fund was created under the NIETO Nevis International Exemption Fund Act in 1994.

What are the types of trusts in Nevis?

Nevis is a jurisdiction known for its favorable trust laws, and it offers several types of trusts. Here are some of the most common types of Nevis trusts:

  1. Nevis Offshore Trusts: These are trusts set up by non-residents of Nevis and are not subject to Nevis taxes.
  2. Nevis Local Trusts: These are trusts set up by Nevis residents and subject to Nevis taxes.
  3. Nevis International Trusts: These are trusts set up by non-residents of Nevis but intended to benefit residents of Nevis.
  4. Nevis Charitable Trusts: These are trusts created for charitable purposes and can be incorporated as either overseas or domestic trusts.
  5. Nevis Asset Protection Trusts: These are trusts designed to protect assets from creditors and lawsuits, and they can be set up as offshore or domestic trusts.

It is important to note that the specific requirements and features of each type of Nevis trust can vary, and it is recommended that you consult with a knowledgeable attorney or financial professional before setting up a Nevis trust.

What are the advantages of Nevis International Trusts?

Protection from local or international courts:

The Nevis International Trusts are governed by the jurisdiction of the island courts and any decision of any overseas court is invalid. Nevis trusts do not recognize foreign judgments. In the event that a lawsuit is filed, the plaintiff will have to pay very high costs in order to start an investigation, which will often be in vain.

  • The Fort Knox:

The Nevis International Trusts are so insured that even the IRS cannot disqualify a Nevis Trust that stands on solid foundations, according to the Nevis Exempt Trust Act.

  • Tax exemption:

There is no income tax on any foreign sources of income. This means if you have any offshore assets of the Nevis Trust, those assets will be permanently tax deductible. Nevis funds are also exempt from inheritance tax and capital gains tax as a safe haven for those seeking to reduce tax liabilities.

  • Safe banking system:

Banks in Nevis are highly secure and offer the highest standards of privacy. As no plaintiff against the investment funds can obtain any information about the beneficiary or obtain any bank data. That is, it is not possible for the plaintiff against Nevis International Trusts to obtain any copy of the bank statements.

Inheritance insurance:

Nevis International Trusts promote the concept of bloodline enhancement, meaning that the family will keep the money in perpetuity, thus securing the future of your children and grandchildren and benefiting from asset protection and tax exemption.

  • Strong impenetrable structure:

Nevis Funds will be safe from any claims in all areas including creditors, false claims, bankruptcy and all economic factors to which the beneficiary or the environment is exposed to in order to ensure the protection of strong 

and secure assets of the beneficiary and his family members.

Why are Nevis asset protection funds recommended?

  • Nevis International trusts funds can be invested indefinitely.
  • When the creditor wants to take any legal action, he has to pay a $100,000 bond to the government of Nevis.
  • It is possible to combine more than one type of investment funds at the same time.
  • The debtor must pay a $25,000 bond in order to initiate any action against the trust property.
  • If the creditor wants to make a fraudulent transfer, he can do so for a period not exceeding one year from the date of filing the lawsuit.
  • It is possible for the settlor and beneficiary to be the same person.
  • Inheritance rules do not apply.
  • Eliminates Elizabeth’s law regarding back-up transportation.
  • There are no additional requirements other than the name of the investment fund, the name of the trustee and the registration office.

Obtaining citizenship by investment from Saint Kitts and Nevis or by trust funds has made it a magnet for anyone looking for a place to invest and obtain asset protection features in complete confidentiality in addition to real estate planning matters.

You can have the financial security of your money and wealth with Nevis International Trusts, you can also get legal advice from NTL’s professional team of lawyers.