Germany.. The beating heart of the European continent

Germany the beating heart of the European continent

Germany, the European heart and the most popular country among the countries of the Union. Not only because of its political, economic and industrial role; but rather the combination of its fascinating history and urban culture with modernity and development in all fields of life.

So if you are thinking of traveling to Germany for work, study, or obtaining a residence permit; to start a new life in a place that is the main engine of the European economy; or to form a professional career in the most powerful fields around the world; or even to visit Germany to relax and enjoy yourself or with the family. This article will be for you.

The 3 most important advantages of working in Germany:

Have you ever thought of the idea of ​​traveling to work abroad?  And looked for the most suitable place for you?

We recommend Germany… You will ask why?

The German economy ranked the fourth in the world, and the first in Europe. It is a very innovative scientific and a practical revolution, witnessing a promising prosperity in all fields. But it suffers from a shortage of workers, and is in need of international specialists.

Here you can find out why it is important to take a close look at the subject and the benefits that you can get when you settle in this practical country par excellence, and here are some facts that will make you put Germany in your next travel plan:

* German economic booming:

The German economy was in its highest during the previous years, as excessive consumption greatly boosts the economy, increases employment rates and the need for specialized foreign expert .

*Shortage of skilled workers:

Despite the great economic development of Germany, there is an increase in the lack of experienced manpower and distinguished minds as a result of the shortage of young people and the increase of retired persons.

* Opening the doors of training and qualification:

Germany has opened its doors to attract highly qualified people, whether holders of university degrees or vocational training, and to work on training and qualifying them to enter the real labour market. In addition to many facilities provided by the German government to attract foreign investors.

Germany close look:

The Federal Republic of Germany is in the heart of the European continent, and is a democratic country with long traditions and a vibrant present.

The German economy is one of the strongest economies around the world. As Germany presents a very innovative scene of knowledge in its modern look, having a clear creative economy and a refreshing cultural life.

Germany has a population of about 82 million, which makes it the most populous country in the European Union.

The German territory extends from the North Sea and the Baltic Seas in the north to the Alps in the south. It is surrounded by nine countries. The German national territory has an area of ​​about 357,000 square km.

The landscapes in Germany are varied and attractive beyond description. As it has low and high mountain ranges, and lakes as far as the eye can see. As well as many delightful green forests and  comfortable beaches to see, and the German countryside is one of the most beautiful rural areas in the world.

Hence the name of the German capital, Berlin, as the green capital. It is the first cultural centre of Germany, while the city of Frankfurt is the main financial centre.

The German passport allows its holder to travel to 175 countries around the world without a visa. Moreover, German citizenship provides many advantages, including obtaining health insurance for citizens, and social insurance for retirees.

It is also safe to stay in Germany. The high level of education and the ability to study for free in its universities and schools, making it the preferred destination for families.

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