Nursing Study Program in Germany

Nursing Study Program in Germany

Would you like to work in the healthcare field in Germany

NTL offers you the opportunity to find a job in the health care field; by studying nursing first in Germany then joining a health care center. 

Features of the Nursing Study Program in Germany: 

  •  First of all, it is an irreplaceable opportunity to study at the best nursing institutes in Germany. 
  • Then, the possibility to work immediately after the end of the study.  
  • In addition, obtaining a monthly stipend for study, sufficient to cover the student’s housing expenses and daily life requirements.  
  • The student’s family can join her later (the husband and children) if she is married.  
  • Apply for a health insurance.  
  • Obtaining residency and then the possibility of applying for German citizenship. 

Conditions required for a nursing study program in Germany: 

  • The student must have a high school diploma as a minimum.
  • Age between 18 and 35. 
  • Obtaining the B1 level in the German language in the home country in one of the recognized language institutes.
  • A work contract with a health care center, according to which the student will apply to study in a nursing institute first. 

What does NTL offer in this program? 

In this framework the nurse signs the contract with NTL and the last does the following: 

  • Provide the applicant with all the necessary information, documents and certificates required. The applicant will prepare and authenticate them from government agencies, ministries, and embassies in the home country. 
  • Guidance and assistance in preparing the required documents, translating, and attesting them from German government agencies. 
  • Provide the applicant with a work contract in a health care center in southern Germany that entitles her to register in nursing institutes. 
  • Assistance in finding an adequate housing for the nurse, considering comfort and proximity to the workplace. 
  • Obtain residency for the nurse and arranging for her legal status in all official German government departments. 
  • Help in opening a bank account, health insurance procedures. 

It is time to think about the future! Studying Nursing in Germany is now closer to you… 

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