Turkish Citizenship certificate delay & Changes in the processing!

Turkish Citizenship certificate delay & Changes in the processing NTL

Important announcement for investors who are in the final stage of Turkish citizenship process and were asked to review the Personal status Department.
The Civil Registration and Citizenship Department of Istanbul Province announced today the temporary suspension of receiving any reviews from the investors who recently acquired Turkish citizenship and wish to obtain the citizenship certificate.
the department will send a text message later to each applicant who has reached the final stage, in the time and date of his specified appointment and that due to precautionary measures for the Corona epidemic, in order to preserve the safety of both staff and applicants, knowing that from yesterday, March 30, no review was received.
Therefore, NTL has always been keen to make sure that clients provide accurate and true information in their citizenship application file.
The company also reassures its valued customers that it will continue to follow their entire transactions in Turkey related to investment, buying and selling operations, valuing real estate and completing procedures until receiving citizenship.

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