Turkish roses, from gentle gifts to profitable investment

Turkish roses, from gentle gifts to profitable investment

“Light pink roses are very popular in Britain, but in Romania they cannot be sold at all. As for white roses, they are very popular in Greece, red and white roses in Romania, and roses of pastel colors are loved in all of Europe, while Arab countries tend to vibrant colors and Damask roses. “

This is what Turkish roses’ experts declared, as roses in Turkey have turned from beautiful symbols and gentle gifts into profitable trade and investment sector. The ornamental plant sector is no longer confined to the Turkish local market only, but it has, in the latest years, transcended it to export to various countries around the world.

The Association of Exporters of Flowers and Ornamental Plants in Turkey announced that “the country achieved revenues of $ 110 million in 2019 from flower exports”.

The most prominent countries that import the Turkish flowers are Netherlands, Britain, Uzbekistan, Germany, Romania and Bulgaria, and exporting started this year to new countries such as Singapore, Lithuania and Belarus.

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