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Moldova … is one of the most beautiful European countries and an ideal destination for those who avoid a life of hustle and bustle, it is one of the least visited countries in the world.

It is located in southeastern Europe, bordered by Romania in the west and Ukraine in the rest directions. Its total area is 33.843 km², its population is about 2.895.735 people, the capital is Chisinau, the official languages of the country are both Moldovan and Romanian, and the currency is the Moldovan Leu (LEU or MDL). It should be noted that Moldova is bound by long-term economic and trade treaties with the European Union.

How to obtain Citizenship by Investment in Moldova?

There is only one way to obtain investment citizenship from Moldova:

  • Donate to the Public Investment Fund (PIF)

The value of this donation varies depending on the number of individuals added to the citizenship application file, and the minimum amount is as follows:

  • For the applicant alone €100.000
  • For the applicant and the spouse: €115.000
  • For a family of four: €145.000
  • For a family of five or more €155.000

The government fees are €35.000 per application

* In addition to Government Fees, Administrative Fees, and Due Diligence Fees.

Benefits of Moldova Citizenship by Investment Program:

  • The ability to include the spouse and children under the age of 29 in the main application, with the capability to add parents who are over the age of 55 in the same application.
  • The ability to pass one’s citizenship to future generations by descent as it is first-class citizenship.
  • Dual Nationality: No obligation to relinquish current nationality.
  • No language requirements for residence or citizenship.
  • Paying the minimum administrative fees for the transaction, while the large value is paid after the government’s approval of the citizenship application.
  • Full confidentiality in carrying out the procedures.
  • No interview, education, or management experience is required.
  • No requirement to reside in Moldova.
  • It is one of the fastest programs for citizenship by investment in Europe, as the procedures take three months only after submission, according to government declaration.

What are the advantages of obtaining citizenship from Moldova?

  • Access more than 120 countries visa-free including Europe’s Schengen area, Russia, and Turkey.
  • Ownership of the 49th ranked passport in the world.
  • Low tax rates, and global income tax exemption.
  • Free trade with the European Union.
  • A candidate country to be a member of the European Union.
  • Free premium education.
  • Low cost of living.

Required Documents for application:

  • Copies of valid passports.
  • Birth certificate for all applicants and a marriage certificate.
  • Clear criminal record.
  • Certificate of Academic Achievement.
  • A bank financial statement with proof of a legal source of income
  • Medical examination (health certificate that it is free of diseases)
  • CV and recommendation letters.
  • Never been refused obtaining a visa from a country that has travel agreements with Moldova, whether to enter it visa-free or with a visa upon arrival.

Steps to Obtain Citizenship by Investment From Moldova:

  • Sign the contract with NTL and make the down payment.
  • Prepare ALL the Required Documents by the investor, and send them to NTL for reviewing and translation.
  • Submit the citizenship application after transferring Governmental and Due Diligence fees.
  • The initial government’s approval of the application, after the Due Diligence issuance.
  • Provide evidence that the applicant has fulfilled all conditions and entitlements.
  • A presidential decree on granting of citizenship is issued and published in the Official Gazette of Moldova.
  • Perform the oath, receive the citizenship certificate, and take biometric data (fingerprints) to prepare the passport.
  • Handover or send the passport to a convenient place.
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