Residency By Investment Albania

Residency By Investment Albania


Albania Residency by investment

Albania is the small European country that has magic and beauty in its splendid nature, among beautiful beaches surrounded by towering mountain ranges, and fabulous islands, in addition to a unique set of tourist sights, and historical shrines with amazing designs.

Albania is located in the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe, with a total area of 28.748 km², and a population of 2.9 million people, Tirana is the capital, Indo-European is the official language, and the currency is the Albanian Lek. It is worth mentioning that Albania is a candidate country for membership of the European Union.


How to obtain Residency by investment in Albania?

Residency by Investment in Albania can be obtained by establishing a company.

Establishing a company in Albania is not difficult. Just needs to come to the notary’s office for a one-day visit only. When starting a small business in Albania you will spend a small amount of money including government fees, services of a notary and a lawyer.


What are the Advantages of the Residency by Investment Program in Albania?

  1. The most suitable program for families in comparison with the Investment Residency programs in Europe.
  2. Currently, this is the fastest program, as it takes only two months to obtain an investor’s residence permit after submitting of application.
  3. There are no language requirements for obtaining residency.
  4. Complete confidentiality in procedures’ implementation.


What are the Benefits of Obtaining Residency by Investment in Albania?

  1. Obtaining citizenship after a permanent residence in Albania for 5 years.
  2. Albania is a candidate country for membership of the European Union no later than 2027.
  3. Enjoy travelling to more than 114 countries around the world visa-free when obtaining Albanian citizenship after a permanent residence in Albania for 5 years.
  4. Albanian passport is currently ranked 54 in the world and is expected to become stronger after Albania joins the European Union.
  5. Flexible and unrestricted tax policies with opportunities for income through real estate.
  6. Albania is a member of the United Nations (UN) and a member of NATO since 2009 in addition to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, the Council of Europe, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and the World Trade Organization.
  7. High human development index.
  8. Providing health care and free education system.
  9. Low living costs.
  10. Raw environment to start new projects and establish companies.


Required Documents for Residency by Investment Application in Albania:

  • A copy of a valid passport.
  • Three biometric photos.
  • Newly issued birth certificate, certified and translated into Albanian language.
  • Clean criminal record.

Steps to obtain Residency by investment in Albania:

  1. Signing a contract with NTL and making the first payment.
  2. Prepare official papers and sending them to the NTL’s lawyer in Albania.
  3. Establishing the company, opening a bank account, and obtaining a visa to Albania.
  4. Finally, receiving the investor residency.

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