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Investment Residency

The investment residency is an exceptional residency facilitate the entrance to the desired country, either by establishing a company or by a real estate investment or deposing a sum of money in the bank for a limited period.

Obtaining the investment residency today is not entertainment but it is an urgent need. In light of the volatile situation globally, establishing a business, travelling to Europe, moving between countries, or obtaining a safe and stable investment become very difficult.

Investors and businessmen need solutions to expand their business, for their free movement, not to mention the obsession of securing their families’ educating and medication and future, as borders and nationalities stand as a barrier in front of them.


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Citizenship by Investment Programs in the Caribbean and Vanuatu Island: Antigua and Barbuda – Grenada – Saint Kitts and Nevis – Saint Lucia – Dominica – Vanuatu.

Citizenship programs by investment in some European countries such as: Montenegro – Cyprus – Malta – Moldova.

Residency by investment programs in: Germany – Britain – Spain – Cyprus – Greece – Portugal – Serbia – Albania – United Arab Emirates – USA E2 VISA – Canada.

Turkish citizenship by investment and investment opportunities in Turkey.

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