Cyprus has Second Biggest Foreign Population in EU

Cyprus has Second Biggest Foreign Population in EU

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After Luxembourg, Cyprus has the highest number of foreign nationals living on the island as a percentage of population than any other EU member state, according to a new Eurostat report.

On January 1, 2014, the member states had 506.8 million residents, of which 472.8 million were nationals (citizens of the reporting country) and 34.1 million foreign citizens – some 6%. The latter group consisted of 14.3 million citizens of another member state and 19.8 million non-EU citizens, the Cyprus Mail reports.

In Cyprus, from a population of 858,000, some 80% had Cypriot citizenship, Eurostat said, based on available statistics. The remaining 20% were foreign nationals, either from other EU countries or third countries.

Only Luxembourg had a higher proportion of foreign nationals at 45% but the vast majority – almost 40% of the total population – were citizens of another EU member state, and the remainder third-country nationals.

In Cyprus, nearly 13% of foreign nationals were other EU citizens and 6.6% were from third countries. Cyprus’ share of other EU nationals as a percentage of population was also the second highest after Luxembourg. In every other member state the figure was under 10% and in most cases actually under 5%.

The top four EU nationalities in Cyprus had Greeks heading the list with 29,321 or 17% of the total non-Cypriot population followed by Britons at 24,046 or 14%. Romanians came in third at the same percentage level. Bulgarians at some 18,000 accounted for 11% of the foreign population. From third-country nationals Filippinos topped the list at 5% of the non-Cypriot populations.


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