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Charming Spain, with its pleasant climate, green picturesque nature, and its beaches which extend over the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, all these make Spain the most attractive and unique country. In the eyes of tourists, and for those who are looking for a distinctive country to obtain a residence in, because it offers one of the best investment residences for the year 2020.

What about you? Pack your luggage, and choose Spain as your next destination.

Spain is the next destination… Why?

If you are wondering why we advise you to choose Spain for your next vacation, we will not go so far, but did you know that Spain has the most famous international football clubs (Real Madrid and Barcelona) and it is the second country in the world that includes heritage places.

In addition, with its green spaces and nature, it is ranked third in the number of reserves, and it takes the lead in using wind energy in Europe. This is why you will notice the presence of too many windmills in the Spanish countryside, which will increase the magnificence and attractiveness of the rural scene.

Also, it is one of the most important countries that has the most interest in the international tourism industry, and it is classified as a leader in this field. This is obvious as the value of its tourism spending for 2018, which has reached approximately 68.9 billion euros and there are expectations for a positive increase.

Madrid, its modern capital, is connected with the ancient history of the Royal Palace and the Prado Museum. And in Barcelona the real fun and uniqueness are found. Here, you can go sunbathing or sightseeing while enjoying its architecture.

In Seville, the castle, which is decorated with a fantastic beauty. And don’t forget the Alhambra Moorish castle in Granada or the Roman aqueduct and other medieval monuments.

Here, you notice that Spain is a mixture of culture and modernity, and now let’s get a close look about its people and their food.

The Spanish Cuisine:

We can say that the dining table and its associated customs in every country are considered as an important part of the culture of that country. For example, there is the Spanish {1} Supremesa, which may extend for hours after eating. When you visit Spain and during your meal you will notice that it will be strange to leave the dining table directly after finishing your meal, but you have to stay, and get involved in exchanging pleasant conversations, tasting light sweets and some drinks.

This is a well-known tradition among the Spaniards, as it is considered the prime time for television, and at this hour the important news programs are broadcast, and everyone watches them, whether from the house or the cafe.

Croissant with sugar or hot chocolate is the typical breakfast for Spaniards. The late lunch begins with a light dish of salad or soup. Then, a main meal that includes fish or another type of meat, and in the end the sweetening, which is a piece of fruit or a Spanish pie or other pastries with a delicious smell and taste. Also, there is a snack at the end of the day that includes a mixture of appetizers or sandwiches.

And coffee cups accompany Spaniards during their day several times .You can order it with milk or a little of it, and often it is served with dessert.

Bella and 5 of the most delicious Spanish dishes:

Spanish cuisine is full of delicious meals, (Bella) that meets the taste of seafood lovers. It consists of cooked rice with curry and turmeric, which gives it a distinctive color, and by adding shrimp, oysters and mussels you get the most famous and most popular Spanish meals, with decorating the dish with fresh lemon slices.

There are also:

  • Garlic shrimp: it is one of the delicious, easy and fast dishes. It can be served as a main dish or as an appetizer.
  • Octopus with Paprika: this Galician-style dish is irresistible. It is served in a wooden plate. Galicia has stunning natural landscapes. You can visit Galicia during the Octopus Festival which is held in August.
  • Black rice: the meal that the native people of Valencia excel in cooking. It consists of rice, squid, paprika, and onions, the last ingredient and most importantly is the squid ink that gives  white rice its black color. Rice has the lion`s share in the Spanish cuisine, and we recommend you to try green rice with oysters, rice with beans and turnip, rice with fish, and the Spanish omelette. The Spanish omelette has simple ingredients such as (onions, olive oil, potatoes and eggs) you just need a skill in cooking to get the right consistency of the most favorite dishes of the Spanish people.
  • Catalan cream: a cold Spanish dessert, similar to custard, with cinnamon and lemon peel added.

Are there any similarities between the Spanish cuisine and your country?

{1} Supremesa: a Spanish word means the time you spend with people after finishing your dish.

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